Lilah Higgins
Design and Illustration for brands, organizations, and people with a mission.



The Google Home chimes in with your favorite song in the morning. But that’s not the noise that wakes you up, it’s the UGH down somewhere deep in your belly.

You don’t want to go to work.

Don’t get me wrong, you love your job. And you’re damn good at it.

No, this comes from the fact that there is an ache for more in your life, and the way you’re currently living is not really how you want it to be. Not even close.

Out of all the things you've done and the opportunities you’ve run toward, you’ve never found THE THING.

You’re the woman who wants more from your career - you want to do something that utilizes all your gifts and skills and desires and most importantly, feels bigger than you.

You already have the 401k, you bought the home, got the backsplash in your kitchen, you host the friends every fall, have taken the dream vacations - but something inside of you seeks to squeeze out a little more life, joy, power, and a little more meaning.

You want to do something holistic, well-rounded, something that allows others to see you for who you truly are, not just a few facets of your existence.

You want to be about legacy, but your current work is drowning you and you don’t get to see results that excite you. And waking up everyday without motivation for self-change, let alone for world-change, is just getting exhausting.

You’ve already waited through graduate school, and maybe motherhood, and even husband’s career advances –to realize you need something that feeds YOUR soul, too.

But that was you before today.

You’re done holding yourself back.
You’re done doing things that aren’t quite THE THING.

You’re ready to step fully into this THING.

But you’ve tried to pursue this before and came back disappointed.

You’re done with diy, you’ve had it with hodge-podge, and you hate half-hearted marketing tricks that leave you (and your audience!) disconnected and icky.

You have dreams, but you hide them, because you don’t know QUITE YET –exactly what you want to do with them.

It’s time. Today is the day your life stops being just enough to get by.

Today is the day you start to show up on the map of life, instead of just a missable blip on the radar.

The day you start making an impact, stop dawdling around with all the other drones, and start mattering to the world.

Today, you’re the brave woman who’s ready to do something that freakin’ matters for once.


You’ve hired the help, read the books, and worked with the coaches - but nothing quite nailed what you really need.

You’ve done the hard work of uncovering WHO you are, and you know this mediocre living you’ve been allowing can’t take one more day in that office chair.

The methods you’ve tried don’t work for you because they’re not crafted for you.

They’re a page from someone else’s book, clipped into your own.
They’re a cookie cutter trying to slice a sweet potato.

These things you’ve tried were forced, not enough, and the wrong size all together.

You’re ready for something different, NOW.

But, you’re reluctant because you don’t want to do it wrong and make a mistake and waste the time when you’re not entirely sure how to walk forward into it all.

You’ve thought about hiring an agency to help you craft your personal story, but you just feel meh about that.

Branding is so trendy rn, anyways, it can’t possibly be what you need.

And it’s not, not in the traditional sense.

HOW WE fix it

We can’t help you if we don’t first know you.

That’s the thing that makes The Higgins Creative different than those other agencies.

We KNOW you.

It’s not just about building a brand that works, it’s about building a brand that works FOR YOU.

It’s about giving you the tools and experience you need to SHOW UP EXCELLENTLY, uncovering the ways you serve, the light that lives in you, and the impact you were born to make.

Agencies outsource to freelancers and don’t care about your vision and newer designers don’t have the expertise you need. Which is why you been reluctant… yet.

Well, we care and we have the expertise.

you just found a better option.

We dig deep into your deepest desires for impact and craft you a brand from the inside out, implementing everything you need to be wildly SUCCESSFUL and incredibly EXCELLENT.

You CAN be emboldened when you have a brand that fully captures your dreams, your desires, your skill, your gifting, and your goals - you just need the right next step.


You need a partnership with us.

You need a process that’s been implemented and successful (across industries and lifestyles!) with hundreds of different people in the last 8 years.

Here’s the gist:


(understanding who you are)


(setting them up and challenging them)


(crafting the voice, visuals, and offering for your clients)


(putting it all together so you can hit the ground running)

You don’t have to play small anymore. You can step FULLY into your THING and build an EXCELLENT brand around it.

Now, I know you don’t want to drag out this process. You want to get to the point and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

There’s two ways you can do that.

Submit an official form (get an official proposal with all the details) - OR - Schedule a Call (meet Lilah, our founder)

Welcome to the day your life changed forever.

Curious about my design work? Here’s a glimpse at my visual portfolio.

p.s. my artistic background is fine art (self-taught the computer design part) so everything I create starts with pencil and paper - 100% unique.

Curious who I’ve worked with? Check them out below. They’re confidently walking out their callings– like you can after working with us.

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