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3 Ways to Make Giving Core To Your Brand

3 ways to make giving core to your brand 2

We truly believe community is EVERYTHING.

If we could have all the jobs in the world or be booked out until 2050 it would be NO FUN if we didn't have our community. Our community makes us laugh and cry and encourages us in so many ways. They are irreplaceable and we are so incredibly grateful for them.

This week I had the honor of being a guest writer on Jessica Huffman's blog where I shared 3 ways you can listen to your community and be truly generous in your branding. 


Figuring out how and why our brand should be GIVING and GENEROUS at its core was a huge part of our growth in 2016 and I believe it can be helpful for you and your brand as well. 

Visit Jessica Huffman's Blog to see the 3 ways you can be generous in your branding by listening to your community.



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