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4 Reasons You Should Simplify Your Website.

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Noise. Distractions. Multi-tasking. Overwhelm. Chaos.

Those are pretty common descriptives when it comes to the average person’s day. Everywhere we turn, society is screaming MORE IS BETTER and it’s hard not to believe them.

But as an entrepreneur. As a creative. These types of attributes are detrimental to our days, our businesses and our websites.

And now more than ever people are beginning to stand up to the status quo by seeking a simpler route. They’re craving breaths of fresh air and sweet-sweet white space.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure our own websites are clean and simple and provide that momentary breath of fresh air for visitors are seeking.

Have a simple, clean and decluttered website doesn’t mean boring or bland or without personality. It simply means you’re purposefully directing their attention on the things that matter most.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you’ll want to simplify your own website:

  1. Your visitors will remember you, in the best possible way.

Remember what I said about the status quo? Simple has not hit mainstream. So when individuals are browsing the web, your website will stand out in a crowd. They’ll remember the way it made them feel and how different it was then all the rest out there in the best possible way. They’ll remember your site AND remember you.

  1. You’ll grow your list faster.

Without distractions, you can easily guide your visitors to take action and opt into your list. They won’t get sidetracked or confused by unneccessary design elements or cluttered copy. Subscribing to your list and connecting with you will be clear and easy to follow.

  1. You’ll gain more clients / close more sales.

Because of reasons #1 and #2, these actions will no doubt result in more sales. You’ll pass the know, like & trust factor and it will be easier for people to do business with you. The value you provide will be clearly outlined and understood.

  1. You’ll be seen as the expert in your field.

I hate to say it but even if you’re the best in your field if your website is cluttered, messy and unprofessional, people are judging you and thus judging your expertise and know-how. But if you have a simple, clean and polished website, you’ll be taken seriously and looked at as an expert in your related field.

Now with all that said, I know it’s not just a beautiful web design that makes an entrepreneur successful, but I web design is either helping or hurting your business.

So the question to ask yourself, would be, is your website helping or hurting your online business?

To get started with simplifying your own website and tidying things up, download this free Mini Audits Checklist to run through a series of mini audits for your website to help you simplify your site and keep your website visitors around longer.

Katie is a Web Designer + Developer at Katie O'Brien. She builds Simple+Chic (frustration-free) WordPress Websites for Coaches and Consultants. Katie lives inWest Viriginia with her husband and her two littles.

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