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5 Perfect Product Photography Backgrounds (that you already have)


Gone are the days of poorly lit, unedited, grainy photos. In order to stand out online, your photos definitely need to step it up.

This may seem impossible, but it's really not. Do you have a window? Do you have a phone with a camera? Do you have something to stand on? Then you're pretty much good to go.

The next thing you want to look for is a background. Here's our 5 perfect photography backgrounds that are probably already lying around your house.

1. Sheet


This one is one of our favorites because it can be any color and it can either be flat, or textured. Buy a cheap white sheet (or pull that one out of the dryer before it goes in the closet!) and lay it out in a well-lit area. Smooth it out with an iron or your hands & place your props on top of it. Pull out a chair and stand on it, bending over to get the perfect flat lay.

2. Poster Board


Poster Board makes a great background and can be easily stored away when not needed. Lay your board out in indirect sunlight and snap away. Mix colors of your brand/style calls for it. Don't be afraid to get creative here!

3. A Funky Wall

Have a friend hold up your product in front of a wall, plain or decorative, for an added element of adventure & interest. This would work well for brands that promote travel or exploring, or just drinking really good coffee is super hipsta' places.

4. Table/Countertop

Have a table with a texture you love? Make it mesh with your branding & use it often to stay cohesive. We have a desk that is the perfect color for our branding, so we'll clear it off and snap some pictures when the lighting is right.

Sometimes, you can get a glare off of shiny surfaces, so watch for certain times of the day where it's the least glaring and schedule your photography for then.

5. Knits/Blankets

Having trouble distinguishing yourselves among so many product flat lays? Add in some texture! Find a cable knit or loosely crocheted blanket or an animal skin and begin incorporating that in your branding photography.

The key here is to have a background that supports, not distracts from your work. You want your products to be the thing people see first and the background a cohesive hint for who is actually sharing.

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