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5 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Personal Brand

5 Ways to personalize your personal brand by Lilah Higgins
  • Ever wonder how those beautiful feeds come to be? Want to step up your social media game and start clearly conveying your message?

You need a solid brand and you need to carry that over into your social networks.

Here's our top 5 ways to brand your social media so that you stand out and build the following you've been wanting.

Make Your Logo Your "Signature"

A great option for logo design when you have a personal brand is to create one that is similar to your signature. This can be done through actually writing and digitizing your handwriting, or by finding a font that is similar to your handwriting - (OR BONUS OPTION, have us create a font with your handwriting!)

Use Brand Colors that Compliment Your Skin Tone

Using your brand colors throughout your social media goes a long way in creating a consistent and gorgeous brand, but also keep in mind that your colors (or shades of your colors) can be found within your photography as well. What's your favorite piece of clothing that perfectly compliments your skin tone? Use that color and pair it with a few neutrals. What color do you lean towards in your home decor? Use that one and add black and white.

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Take Your Own Photography

Taking your own photos gives you complete control over what colors are used and how you arrange them. Invest in a solid colored pad of paper or foam board so you can set up props and arrange your photography, tools you use, and your art pieces. Keep an eye out at the dollar bin for on-brand items that you can use for props.

Use Imagery of You Working

When choosing imagery that you aren't shooting yourself, keep it simple. Look for on-brand shots that convey a simple message: clarity, excitement, intrigue, hustle, etc. Showing your workspace and how you create your content or build your business is super helpful here. Hire someone to shoot you in your ideal work environment and show off your awesome lifestyle to your clients!

Sprinkle in Quote Cards by You

Sprinkling in quotes by you not only carries your brand's message through, but it also helps establish you as a leader in your industry. At a glance, your followers can see that you know your shiz and that you're able to help them. Focus on quick, actionable quotes that either improve their mindsets or help them and lead them to want to hire you. Need some direction?


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Use Your Own Handwriting

This can be a super fun way to add a personal touch to your brand. Creating your own alphabet and building a font around your hand lettering is easier than it's ever been.


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