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5 things you should do on Pinterest to increase sales. Pinterest is a great social channel to use when selling products and services, here are some tips on how to improve your Pinterest profile for business and increase traffic and sales.

Pinterest, chances are you either love it or, well, you don't. If you're someone who has figured out how to make it work for you, you're probably loving it and all of the traffic you're getting from it.

On the other hand, if you're still struggling with what to post, how to post, and what you can do to really drive traffic and sales you're probably less than fond of the platform.

The first thing you can do to start really rockin' Pinterest is to stop calling it social media.

It's NOT social media, it's a search engine.

Pinterest is much more like Google than like Facebook. You use Pinterest to find things, not to chat with each other. The only social element really is the ability to follow and message each other. So once you start thinking about Pinterest as a search engine you will be well on your way to being found more often.

Here are 5 more things you can do to make Pinterest do the selling for you!

Convert To a Business Account

If you haven't already, set up your account as a business account. You can do this here.

As soon as you switch to a business account you will gain access to promoting your Pins (similar to boosting Facebook posts), a variety of analytics, and rich pins which add additional information right into your pins.

Optimize your Bio & Pin Descriptions

Again, Pinterest is a search engine.

In order for your content and your profile to be found it needs to be optimized. Keywords are very important in both your profile name, bio, and pin descriptions.

However you don't want descriptions to be a list of keywords, your descriptions should be conversation feeling with key words sprinkled in. The same goes for your bio. You can even add a few keywords in your name in your profile settings.

Your bio should also clearly tell people what they will get by following you.

Show Us Your Face!

Most all of the businesses run by makers have one or two people behind the designs. You are essentially the face of the company.

Of course, as you grow you have a team, but you are the leader, you are the reason for the aesthetic and designs we are seeing so make your profile a bit more personal and show us you face instead of a logo!

Of course this won't make sense for every brand, but you will know for sure when it doesn't make sense. That is the only time a logo might make more sense.

Create Vertical Branded Images

If you've been using Pinterest at all this is not news.

What might be news is that spending time to really create images that capture attention is pretty much required. Simply posting vertical images is not always enough, unless of course you have some insanely beautiful image from a styled shoot, and even then adding some copy to that image will be key.

If you don't have vertical images then create vertical collages with different shots of your products. The taller it is the more time it shows up when someone is scrolling.

Don't make it obnoxiously tall, but stand out!

Be sure when you're adding copy or any graphic elements that it is on brand. This will not only help your pins be more recognizable it will help attract the audience you really want.

Add a Call to Action!

This seems somewhat obvious but you'd be surprised (or maybe you won't be) at how many people are not including calls to action on their images.

Simple telling someone what to do and why they should do it goes a LONG way.

5 things you should do on Pinterest to increase sales. Pinterest is a great social channel to use when selling products and services, here are some tips on how to improve your Pinterest profile for business and increase traffic and sales.

Saying something like "Click Here to Download This Party Theme!" will prompt people to take a look. They will know they can get what you're showing them with a download, or at your shop.

Spend some time browsing similar products to yours and the calls to action featured on the images. Then create a list of calls to action. Once you've started doing this you will start to see which CTAs work best and you can focus more on those.

Seriously, tackle these 5 things and watch your traffic increase. You will also feel more inspired to create branded board cover photos and focus more time and energy on the platform!

Kaitlyn the owner of Pierce Social where she offers social media strategy and management services for small businesses and bloggers. Her blog features freebies and tips to help get your social media strategy off the ground and motivate you to think outside the box. She is also the founder of the Social Boss Society which is a Facebook group dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs all about how to turn up the heat in their social media marketing efforts.


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