Lilah Higgins
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The dreams of little Makers are often the largest thing, with the least amount of detail. For both Zac & I, the little Makers in us have always wanted to get married, travel, and make people feel worthwhile. Those were some big dreams, and there was a season of our life where we realized that not all of those would come true in our ideal timing.

We got married young (check!), but we haven’t traveled outside of the United States in 10 years and our people-building moments are few and far between unless you count the time we spend cuddling, adventuring, and chatting with our sassy toddlers.

At first glance, our “dream dragons” aren't manifesting themselves very largely. But what we're learning is that our dreams are for a lifetime, and instead our life is filled to the brim with these little segments of time, not some big moment where we can say “We're living my dreams.”

In small ways, we can choose to fulfill our dreams daily, even if it’s not exactly what those little Makers had in mind all those years ago. Here are 5 ways we’ve learned to feed this dream dragon every day

Evaluate Today

Isn’t it the hardest thing to sit still for a second? We feel like out of all the things we encounter in the day, taking a moment to relax is the most nerve-wracking. There’s so much to do if we want to live our dreams, right?! But there is wisdom in the waiting, the still, the taking in of the moment to prepare for the next one. Take some time to stop and listen to your soul and evaluate TODAY and what you can do in this moment to move closer to the dreams on your heart.

Realize Your Place

One of the most effective ways we've found that facilitates our dreaming is to realize where we are and rest in that place. This comes as the natural next step when we sit still and evaluate our lives. We have to truly accept where we are, as close or as far away from those dreams as we may be, to actually find where we can start.

Do One Thing

Most days, we want so badly to DO ALL THE THINGS. And our culture pushes us to embrace the rushing and the hustle. But all big things start with one small step. So think about what step you take today towards what you want to accomplish and take it. Don’t think of the next one, just make the step you know, confidently and with assurance that good things are going to come.

Break It Down

Projects only become tangible when we begin to break them down into tangible steps. Don’t think about building a bridge, think about supply lists and budget costs and team building and permit acquiring. There is so much more that goes into dreams than we realize. For example, one of our dreams is to travel, but traveling requires money, a job that allows you to do so, and lots and lots of planning. These steps broken down into the smallest form possible makes big dreams feel completely doable.

Remember WHO You Want To Be, Not WHAT You Want To do

Having goals is great, and we encourage you to do so. But focus more on who you want to be rather than what you want to accomplish. Figure out the Who, the You In Ten Years, and then act as if you are that person. Daily, each time you make a decision, chat with her/him and ask yourself what she/he would do. Then do that thing.

Your dreams are waiting for you to take the first steps, today. Go, Maker!