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How to organize your creative space by The Higgins Creative. For more on branding and selling your art visit or click the link to read the post.

I’m sitting at my desk late at night, blogging about organization. The irony of this post is hilarious.

Currently, I have three cups (one current) of half-full glasses within reach, a magazine rack full of non-magazine papers and random pen caps and a charging port. My books are covering all the space that isn’t taken up by my keyboard and mouse and any extra crannies left are filled by random cords that aren’t attached to anything.

But my creative area isn’t always this disastrous. I promise. (okay, maybe it’s this way often, but I digress…)

There is a delicate balance within my own creativity motivation that lives somewhere between a complete disaster and an organized masterpiece.

It’s a magical thing to turn something that is so expressive and magical in an organized system and finding that balance for yourself is crucial to maximizing what you can create in that space.

Here are five ways that the creatively-minded can be intentional in the organization of our creative spaces without taking away from our expression.

As creative, right-brained people, organization can sometimes seem like an unreachable and daunting goal for us. But it doesn’t have to be.


No matter how “messy” a system, it’s still a system if you intend it to be set up a certain way. If you like to spread papers out to see how to hone on a creative process, let yourself do it. If you need to have 15 tabs open to manage your biz today, that’s okay. If you want to fill a huge wall calendar with doodles and chicken-scratch to keep up on tasks, it’s yours!

There’s nothing wrong with complex, as long as you’re working as well as you possibly can with the resources and time you’re given. Being more efficient in how you, say organize your paint, can still be a total mess from the eyes of a visitor. But the whole time, you can know exactly when you need to refill in any random bottle.

My point: You don’t have to have a spic-and-span system, but you need to create an intentional system within your workspace that keeps you on task and works for you.


How to organize your creative space by The Higgins Creative. For more on branding and selling your art visit or click the link to read the post.

When in doubt, put things in rainbow order. What’s more fun than that!? Start at the brightest reds and line up each piece of a collection next to colors that fit with it. Seeing the aesthetics of a color-coordinated area does wonders for creativity and helps everything feel like it has a place, even in the myriad of options.


Maybe you can’t color-order some things. So start by alphabetizing. Stack books from A-Z, keep client details in folders and in an easy-to-find order. Remember that you aren’t required to have space that everyone else understands, just one that works for you.

Begin to study how you process information and in what types of environments you flourish.


If colors and letters fail you, use numbers to build a system. Number clients based on when you book them, use numbers to outline your painting series, create a number code for your workflow to make sure you stay on task.


One of the best ways to find inspiration and build an intentional creative space for me, is to switch it up regularly. Invest in pieces that are easily changeable and versatile within different spaces. Only buy items that are useful AND beautiful, because this limits your overall purchasing but also helps you retain items longer.

Example: Buy one nice brush that you love as opposed to a set of crappy brushes that you won’t even care for.

All of these methods are things we’ve found helpful in organizing our creative space in ways that intentionally increase our creativity and build a place that promotes a healthy, lovely worklife.

How do you organize your creative space?