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Who’s liking Instagram’s new feature, stories? Some hate it, some love it. Snapchat is probably not a huge fan.

BUT it sure is nice to have a direct, human connection to those pretty feeds we find ourselves lost in, isn’t it?

As Artists and Makers, Instagram Stories (and Snapchat, of course!) presents a HUGE opportunity to reach our markets in a new way. Through revealing a more personal look into our lives to them, we are not only sharing our art, but we have the chance to share the motivations, stories, and personal touch behind them.

Van Gogh couldn’t show his process to all of those crazies. But you can! And there’s incredible value there that you should be tapping into.

Here are 5 ways to use Snapchat or Instagram Stories to market your art.

Give Your Pieces A Story.

I know you hear about brand stories a lot and maybe you’re tired of hearing about it. But what if I told you that people are far more likely to buy when there’s an emotional connection with those who created it. Look at TOMS Shoes or Warby Parker. We gravitate towards those one-for-one brands because the shoes and glasses have a story.

Similarly, we like to follow up compliments on our home decor with, “You should hear the story behind it! The artist cut off his ear!”

Obviously, we’re not all Van Gogh, but do you see the value in giving the art a story? You not only adorn people’s spaces, but you build lively & lovely conversations right there in their home.

Show Your Struggle.

Art that is toiled over is often the best kind. We wrestle with colors and textures and motion and lines just to build something beautiful. It’s a lot like life, and those who understand that parallel will adore seeing you wrestle out their next painting first hand.

Share Your Process.

It’s a sad fact that most people discount art and it’s value. So SHOW THEM. Show them how long you have to wait behind processing oil layers. Show them the detail work in your lettering. Walk them through the danger of print-making. Reveal the mess behind pottery. Open up their eyes to the various steps behind screen printing. SHOW THEM the work you put into creating lovely and laborious art for them. They’ll love you for it.

Reveal Your Humanity.

When people learn about the person behind their art, they begin to build a connection with you. Humans need connection. I honestly believe that it’s the main purpose behind art ––connecting humans. We all want to feel a part of something and art has an incredible power to do so among your clients and customers.

Tease Your Next Collection.

Since stories disappear after 24 hours, use this space for the loyal few who keep up on you and your work. Post short reveals of your upcoming releases and ask for their opinions. A good way to do this is to post multiple options of something for them to vote on. Then actually keep tally going and go that route. It’s an ingenious way to do market research, while also having fun, & connecting with your clients at the same time!

What about you? How do you use Instagram Stories or Snapchat to market your art?