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We heard somewhere that 40% of the United States will be self-employed by 2020. That's NUTS. Think about it. In 2020, if you're in a room with 100 people, 40 of them will be self-employed, lady or man bosses. We think that's just incredible.

Maybe you have your own business, maybe it's just a side gig, or maybe it's dream you dropped on a shelf a long time ago. At any rate, you've probably considered owning your own business at one point or another, right?

Oh, but the paperwork. The taxes. The details. The contracts. The advertising. To use etsy, shopify, squarespace, paypal, cash, check, a receipt book, quickbooks, fresh books, carbon paper, write offs, liability insurance, and so on and so on. Our heads start to spin out of control until our cubicles and our offices and our stale coffee and netflix and stacking blocks all day starts look super comfortable ... and easy.

Are you going to do this thing?!

The first step, before any paperwork is filed, before you decide on a name, a logo design, a website url, or a business plan, has to be the decision to say YES. Are you going to do this thing?!

Everyone, everywhere, who has ever started a business, starts with the same clean slate you have. Even if some get a business class or parents who ran their own business. Everything about business is new to everyone at one point.

So maybe you've thought about it, pined over it, drooled about it on cushy pillows, but you've never actually taken the leap and said "YES."

Hold up. Saying yes doesn't mean your business launches tomorrow. It doesn't mean you rise to 'success' and find a brand new invention and make a million dollars within 2 years.

It means that you are going to commit, to someday, somehow, own your own business, in whatever form that takes, and that you're going to take the steps you know RIGHT NOW, TODAY to move towards that goal.

We don't have to tell you why you should start a business. We don't have to convince you that you'll reap rewards and move closer to the lifestyle you want. You know all that, Gallup says so! But we want to encourage you, that if small biz is what you're after, just say YES.

Let your YES be a marker, a reminder, that on THIS DAY, I committed to fighting for the life I want.

Let your YES be a marker, a reminder, that on THIS DAY, I committed to fighting for the life I want.

Not in some effort to become rich, or popular, or fill some deep need, but to make with your hands, your mind, your talents, like you were made to do. Letting those other things come if they may, but remembering your passion to give something back, to contribute, to affect the world, one sale or service at a time.

Will you say YES today?

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