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I have to credit the term “creating buzz” completely to that of my AMAZING, WONDERFUL, ALL-LOVELY biz coach, Dana Malstaff of Boss Mom Academy, but it’s something that I’ve learned to do extremely well over the last 5 months of being mentored by her.

I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most effective ways that I’ve found to create buzz for my own launches and some ideas for how you can implement them into your own work.

The idea of creating buzz is really about getting seen, A LOT. It takes people 7-9 times for people to see something before they will actually buy, so seeing you in numerous places as well as places they trust is extremely important when creating the right kind of buzz.

Interact in FB groups as an expert in your field.

If you interact often and offer value in fb groups, PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU. The more you can give free advice, build meaningful collaborations, and interact with potential customers, the more you can create a pleasant trigger in people's head when they hear your name.

People will often remember your helpful comment more than your sponsored post and that is extremely valuable when it comes to creating buzz.

Ask often for guest posters.

When you have guest contributors on your platforms, whether it be through guest blog posts or Instagram takeovers or even partnering up at a Twitter party, you are automatically reaching a whole new group of people.

Not only this, but you are validating yourself to those people because of your affiliation with whoever you’ve partnered up with and they’re far more likely to trust you with their money.

Ask for feedback.

One of the most fun ways I’ve created buzz is through Facebook polls. I LOVE hearing people’s feedback because it not only helps me decide things and create buzz, but it helps me understand my audience even better. Be aware of where you post a poll though, since your target market might not live in that group or feed!

Send personal emails.

I don’t mean that you can’t use some form of template, but make sure it’s edited to fit the conversation with the other person. Make it personal and offer them value within the very email as well as reaching out to make them aware of your work. Don’t be pushy, but don’t be afraid to own what you’re doing. Networking is awkward at first, but we all understand the power of connection! Just be really genuine and try to write an email like you’d chat with that specific person face-to-face. Use words you actually say and don't be afraid to lay your heart out there!

Offer a content upgrade that directly correlates to your largest offer.

For me, I offer my logo quiz, which is just a FUN thing, but also gets my potential clients thinking about their design needs. Think about what would provide a huge amount of value for them that would also want them wanting more. Then answer those needs with whatever you’re launching! This basically whets their appetite for more of your awesomeness.

Ideas for freebies include quizzes, free downloadable wallpapers, guides, checklists, exclusive access to content, etc.

Each of these things have aided in building my client base, making a pleasant trigger in people's head when they hear my name,  and actually making sales on my launches.

What about you? How do you create buzz around a launch?

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