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5 Ways to uncomplicate Instagram by The Higgins Creative. Are you struggling with planning out your Instagram and feeling overwhelmed? Click the link to read how we uncomplicate selling your art and products on Instagram.

Do you have a business Instagram account, but struggle with what to put on it?

Do you want to wake up in the morning and not think, "What the heck am I going to post on Instagram today?"

We're sharing 4 simple ways we've learned to uncomplicate Instagram for Makers.

In 5 short modules, we'll give you simple step-by-steps through the following processes:

Uncomplicating Capturing

Once you have your branding style nailed down, taking photos that capture that feel is a breeze. Taking similar photos over and over again isn't boring, it's on brand. I'm showing you how here.

Uncomplicating Scheduling

You don't have to wake up every morning and spend an hour deciding what to post on Instagram when you know what your purpose is in your business, who you're talking to, and what you're trying to accomplish. And when you know that, you can schedule out your posts with ease. I'm teaching you how to find your voice here.

Uncomplicating Posting

When you have your voice locked down and your purpose in the bag, posting stops being a burden and starts being fun. You can post and trust that you're going to be reaching the right people with a few simple tweaks. I'm showing you those tweaks here.

Uncomplicating Captioning

Cat got your tongue? Not if you know what you're trying to accomplish with Instagram. With a simple template, you can find exactly the rhythm that works for your brand that gets your people talking and your clicks converting. Get the template here.

Uncomplicating Connecting

Your people are on Instagram, I promise you. You just need to find them. Once you nail down your market and being to take them on a journey using my Client Mapping system, you won't have to wonder anymore. Get the client map here.

Instagram doesn't have to be complicated. And when you have your voice and your vision established, it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes a day to build an effective and beautiful Instagram feed.

That's why I made the sister course to It's Not Brand Surgery called Uncomplicating Instagram. It's my main source of converting clients and I'm giving you all my tricks for finding your voice, your people, and creating that online space that gets you noticed.

Note: the Uncomplicating Instagram course is a bonus add-on to It's Not Brand Surgery which is designed to help you find your voice and brand your business in an effective and uncomplicated way. It's highly recommended that you bundle by purchasing It's Not Brand Surgery, but if you feel confident in your branding and just need a little direction with Instagram, this is the course for you!

Enroll now.

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