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Who knew that Disney Princesses' totally get you as a new biz owner? Well they do. Read below for the proof.

Ariel, because she gets what she wants and does it all without pants.


Jasmine, because no amount of shock-and-awe can get me to purchase your course. Just give me the facts. I can make my own decisions, darn it!

Cinderella, because I can make it myself better, thank you very much.

Aurora, because after a good dance party, THERE'S REAL WORK TO DO, okay!?


Snow White, because age has nothing to do with being a total queen.

Belle, because she's the only one with real priorities, like books and living in a castle.

Merida, because learning the skills is the easy part. Now to convince the tribe that you're worth their time and (WHAT!!) money.

Elsa, because there's untapped power inside of you and maybe you just need a vacation to find it.

Pocahontas, because you (and you may be the only one) just know it's GOING TO BE EPIC.


Tiana, because that side-hustling is coming to an end real soon, sister.

Mulan, because your hard work is paying off and you can finally see the light.

Rapunzel, because when you score that dream client, you can't even try to play it cool.


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