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Want to know the easiest way you can begin to build income with your art? The secret isn't super complicated.

The inspiration for this post started out as a list post. Listing out helpful ways that you can market your art and build income from it.

But I hear so many artists who are flat out afraid to do it.

So before we get into the methods behind how you can sell your art, I want to walk you through the mindset shift it takes to realize that your art is marketable.

You might be surrounded by people who think art is a “hobby” or a fun thing, but mostly just frivolous & somehow… extra.

But I ask you, where would this world be without the artists?

Art inspires technology and advancement. It pushes cultural boundaries and shapes revolutions. It records history and heals hurts. It fulfills callings and brings people out of emotional and mental pits.

Art is human expression in its rawest form.

So the very first step to SELLING art, is the put. it. out. there. for. sale.

I was scrolling through our hashtag on instagram and clicked into this GORGEOUS painting and one of the commenters said, “Can I buy this?”

Want to know the easiest way you can begin to build income with your art? The secret isn't super complicated.

If you are an artist trying to make a business out of your art, you have to make sure people know that it’s for sale!

This feels simple, doesn’t it?

But I know the fear of saying, “hey, go buy this!” Because it feels so cheap, doesn’t it?

It feels odd from your own perspective, but babe, it LOOKS like you’re apologizing for the existence of your art.

When you don’t say, “Hey you need this, go buy it!” People aren’t going to know that they can buy and they definitely won’t know HOW to go shopping for it.

So the easiest way to make money on your art? It’s to put it out there and say, HEY THIS IS FOR SALE.

...List posts on methods to selling your art still pending.

Get the full run down about our favorite (& easiest!) way to market your art in our new course called Launching Your First Profitable Art Collection, coming August 31st.