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Everything I Need to Know About Small Biz I Learned From Pixar Movies.


We love Pixar movies. They bring heart and soul and incredible artistry to movies meant for kids. We all know they're not just meant for kids, right? Yeah. But looking back through Pixar's history and wild success in both art and business, they are also a huge inspiration to The Higgins Creative!

As we watched A Bug's Life for the third time this past weekend (toddlers!), we noticed that the same biz intelligence in the non-art side of Pixar weaves it's way into their storylines as well. We realized there's a lot to learn from these lovable characters!

So for fun, here's the lessons we've learned from Pixar about running a small biz.

Toy Story

If you build a tribe that tells you the truth, you'll always make it through.


Sometimes, the client that needs you the most, might be the most annoying. Let them in and let yourself grow through the challenge.

And remember, if you visualize yourself as the person you want to be, you'll get there eventually.


Everyone is good at something. Find out what you're good at and then OWN IT. A team of people who own their things coming together to accomplishing something big is a magical thing.

Monsters Inc.

You could have a boss that is kidnapping children. Be your own boss.

And, be generous with your words. Tell your clients & customers that they're great and you love working with them and they have beautiful skin.

Inside out

If a client or customer is grumpy with you, remember that life is really complicated. Send them chocolate or a nice card or an extra emoji.


Recycle people. You have a phone with a camera on it, for goodness sakes. Look into great tools like Fresh Books and 17Hats (our fave!) for receipt-keeping, file-storing, and client-managing inand get yourself organized and eco-nized.

A Bug's Life

When outsourcing, do your research & be sure you're not hiring circus bugs.

The Incredibles

You can't quit making what you were made for. It will keep coming back for you. And it will keep being awesome, so don't give up.

And also, it's okay to cry when biz gets hard sometimes, but get over it. You're a BOSS!

Finding Nemo

Always assume people really do forget some things and it's nothing personal.

And also, it's okay to stop working with people in your biz that you don't mesh with. Just finish the current job and be done.


Every successful biz owner has a few rats in the background that basically run the show. It's called outsourcing and it's magical. We've all been in a season where we've had to fake it to make it. Smile and wave.



Contracts people. Read them, write them, stick to them. Feel the contract. Be the contract.

The Good Dinosaur

Chill out and let yourself adventure in this crazy world of small biz. You're gonna be just fine. Go make your mark.

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