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Managing input improves output (creativity hacks)


Nothing‘s wrong with you, you might just need a hard reset.

In life, it’s imperative to cultivate our creativity, EVEN if you’re not the “creative” type.

Our God-given creativity is what makes us flexible, gives us courage to try new things, and keeps us from getting stuck.

Creativity happens naturally in boredom, therefore the enemy of this natural skill is distraction.

When we give our brain TOO many inputs, it can’t function in a focused and concise way.

Scrolling, consuming, and simply distracting ourselves will eventually dampen our ability to output great content, conversation, and value to the people around us.

It’s time to flip the script.

Watch today’s video to learn 3 ways to declutter your brain’s input and make space for better output in life and business!

Your creativity is one the most useful tools in your arsenal - don't let it get bogged down with too much intake!

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