Lilah Higgins
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I don't know about you, but the first place I go to keep up with a company/person I admire is Instagram. In fact, if they don't have an Instagram I almost loose interest because I know I won't be able to keep up on them. 

Building this visual space is something I really admire and attempt to create in my own networks –Instagram being my favorite. 

I know what goes into building this introductive portfolio and I appreciate the Makers who make it so easy for me to see their best work. This makes me dream about working with them someday –obviously a very effective way to market.

But how do you make Instagram a portfolio that makes people want to hire you? 

1. Stay Cohesive

There's something beautiful about a feed that flows. Keep it meshing and check out our post on Cohesive Instagramming for more detail about this.

2. Show Your Work

I should be able to look at the 3-grid version of your profile and know in an instant what you make and how you can help me. This comes from showing your work, often and attractively. Your last 9 posts should convey your brand, your products/services, and a sense that you're here to help. 

3. Be Crystal Clear.

Stop posting photos of your cat on your biz account. And stop worrying about sounding like a salesman. (See more about why we recommend having two accounts here.) You are selling something & that's why I'm following you, because I love your products/services! Be as clear as you can be in what you sell, how you can help, and how I can buy the thing(s) you're selling. I don't come to your Instagram to be coddled, I come to improve my life with the work of your hands. If a follower doesn't appreciate that, then they don't appreciate your work, and you don't really need them to stick around.  And if they complain to you, direct them to your personal profile where they won't be sold to and can see photos of your cat.

4. Repeat

A beautiful feed of 150 photos is far better than a feed of 4000 with no clear goal. Repeating this cohesive showing of your work & being crystal clear about your offerings will keep people coming and will begin converting views into sales.

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