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In our Wake To Make Tribe on Facebook, I recently posted a video chatting about comparison and the surefire way to beat it: COLLABORATE!

There's nothing that makes another person more human like working on a collaborative level with them. You both are able to see your talents and skills and share with each other. This form of giving snuffs out comparison and jealously like a candle under water!

Maybe you don't know how to reach out. Or what to do after you reach out. Here are my tips for Collaboration with other creatives and how I prefer to be approached with collaboration!

Be clear about what you want to do with them.

This one I have struggled with in the past, because I KNOW I want to collab with a certain person, but I don't always flesh out how that will look. Brainstorm ways you can work together, be it a traded series of guest posts, an art project, or a service trade. Be sure to make it worth their effort by providing something they can't do on their own. DO give them 3 clear, concise options for what you can offer and what you're looking for, DON'T send a random email talking about how much you want to work with them and leave out the details of what you have in mind.

Only reach out to brands/creatives that you've actually followed and interacted with.

If I've never heard of you, it takes me longer to decide if I want to work with you. I want to see your ethics, understand your vision, and know that you are respect among my community. If I don't know who you are, take some time to be genuine on my social media and really know my message before you try to pitch me yours. If I'm going to do free work with you, I should already know about the value you offer. DO make yourself valuable by cheering them on, DON'T pitch to someone you hardly know anything about.

Make a contract.

Even if it's free work, you should still have a contract or agreement of some sort. This can be spoken, but I recommend putting the details down on paper and fleshing out your expectations with me before we start any work. Just to be even more clear. DO make a contract, DON'T forget and put it off and risk damaging the relationship because of mistaken expectations.

Limit Yourself.

The Higgins Creative does one collaboration a month. Just one. I've done more in the past, but now most of my attention is focused on paying clientele. You could choose to do lots or none. Just know your limits and fall back on those when you're unsure. DON'T overbook, DO stick to your limits.

Don't expect anything from them.

It's a collaboration, not a client. Don't treat them like they owe you or you own them. It's a fun thing to gain experience/exposure/practice. DON'T put any expectations on them to fulfill their part, but DO expect to fulfill yours without any return. This way, you view the exchange (or lack of) as a learning experience and you don't put too much on the line that you aren't willing to let go of.

Remember, Collaboration works best when both parties genuinely care about each other and want to promote the message of the other. If this doesn't exist fully, don't be afraid to discuss a deal involving exchanged goods or that cold, hard cash. You're running a business, not a collaboration charity.

If you're interested in a collaborative guest post, shoot us an email using the contact form here. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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