Lilah Higgins
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I get people all the time who say they're not creative. My mom's words ring in my ear "I can't even draw a stick person, so I'm not creative."

At times, I even doubt my own creative side, thinking it's all just a big game that I'm playing, where I'm 'It' and I have no idea what the rules are.

Do you doubt your creativeness? Do you believe that you're a maker?

Here are some of the most off the wall ways I've helped someone else discover that they make too.

"But you are a maker, you make a home for children to grow up safe in and you creatively build those walls up with love and comfort."

"But you make a space for people to come together in the same stage of life and not feel so alone."

"But you make schedules and routines and organize your day in a way that improves the lives of those around you."

Because our idea of Making is more than just what you can sew together or sand or paint. It's about what you can CHANGE in the world.

You have things that you were born good at and you have things that God has placed in you to cultivate into skill.

Here are the three ways I battle "I'm No Maker" Syndrome:


Take a look through your portfolio or workspace. Let yourself enjoy the work you've already done. A great way to see your work through someone else's eyes is to have them tag you with your work online. Include a little card with details and which hashtag you'd like them to use in your packaging. I spend A LOT of time surfing the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram because it's full of awesome Makers and it makes me feel great about letting that movement move through me.


Take some time to check out some other works of art. Whether it be famous or your friends, let it hit those happy spots in your brain. Try to dig into their creative process and let your mind discover new concepts and ways to make.

If they're on social media, leave them a comment telling them how much you enjoy their work. Don't be afraid to reach out and let your love be known. Makers love feedback.


When I feel un-creative, I always cook something. I normally loathe cooking, but when the rest of my creative juices are gone, it actually brings me out of my funk most of the time. I choose something simple, hard to mess up, and tasty and then I eat it. Sometimes all of it depending on it's chocolate contents.

Doing something outside of my normal creative endeavors not only gets my mind off of what I'm struggling with, but it also reminds me that I'm REALLY GOOD AT ART (and not cooking.)

No matter what, Maker, you are a Maker no matter what you do. You are called to use your hands, head, and heart to make good and change the world around you. Some days we just can't do it all and that's okay.

Praying you get your juices back, babe.