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No! Stop! Stop telling me you don't want to charge that much! *plugs ears* *sings audibly*

Time + Expenses x 2 = wholesale x 4 = retail + rush fees + customization + shipping + taxes = a successfully funded art shop with an artist who EATS.

Not "I think I'll charge a lower price because it's so easy for me." or "I wouldn't pay that much for my services, so why would anyone else?" or "I feel like asking for more money is being prideful about my talent."


Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic after needing a tow and told him, "Since it's so easy for you to fix my car and you do it all the time and you already have all the supplies on hand anyways, can't you discount my bill for me?"


Have you ever called a plumber to come get the grime out of your pipes and said, "Since you're so fast and cleaning pipes is really a contribution to society, can I have this time for free?"


Have you ever gone into the grocery store and said to the clerk behind the counter, "Can I get this bread for free? It will totally give you really great exposure since I'll make yummy PB&J's for all of my friends and tell them to come buy it."


But you do it all the time. And people treat you like you owe it to them to do work for free, don't they?

First of all, calm down. We do plenty of volunteer work and love contributing to our non-profits and our friends when we're not too packed with paying clients.

We're not against free work, we're against undervalued work.

Because the way you treat your work by under pricing it isn't some righteous thing you're doing to spare people's budgets. You're doing it because you're insecure about the value of what you make.

It's totally normal, by the way, to feel like your work is invaluable.

You're a NATURAL. You can whip out a painting or write an amazing blog post in the time it takes you to shower.

You're AMAZING, but you're so used to your own skin that you can't even fathom asking to be compensated for what you bring to the world.

And often, as artists, we don't have incredibly tangible results from our work. Sure, we end up with an art piece, but there's no way to measure the emotional effect it has one people. There's no way to measure how much inspiration comes from our work.

It's immeasurable, actually.

Your work can do things that can't be put on a scale.

Which is why pricing is so incredibly intimidating, because it's true that one man's trash is another's treasure.

But that doesn't mean you get to under-price your work. It just means that you need to find the "Another" in that phrase. You need to find who treasures your work and connects with it's value.

But before you even think of those people, you need to treasure you own work for what it is. You need to understand that the work of your hands is blessed because you are blessed with the gifts to create it.

So, just stop. Stop being afraid of asking for money in exchange for your artwork. Stop being fearful that no one will value your art, because all you're doing is under-valuing it yourself.

Start valuing what you create and THEN go find the people who agree with you and are willing to pay the money.

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