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How To Know If Pinterest Is Right For Your Business

How to know if Pinterest is right for your business by Kathryn Moorhouse on The Higgins Creative

Pinterest is MAGICAL!

Seriously, I LOVE IT.

It’s like Google and a tall version Instagram had a baby. Yes...I said it.

I still remember the days of cutting out magazine pictures to create my dream wardrobe or bedroom AND the days of heading to the Library to research something I needed to know. Thankfully we now have this fantastic App that lets you do BOTH of those things pretty quickly!

And it’s called Pinterest.

Pinterest is often referred to as a social media channel but it acts more like a search engine. It’s what I like to call a pretty version of Google that shows images instead of just text when you search for something (see the whole Instagram and Google having a baby reference now?).

When you’re searching for a recipe, an item of clothing, a book or home décor item on Pinterest, you’ll get visual pictures in the search results which makes finding what you’re looking for a whole lot easier.

Are you more likely to click on a picture of a delicious chocolate pudding with white sauce and strawberries OR on text describing the item? If put side by side, a lot of people are more likely to click on the picture as their eyes will be directed there first. This is one of the reasons Pinterest is a powerful tool for business. You can grab your customers attention by using visual images (the visual side of Pinterest) AND have the benefit of targeted searches (the search engine side of Pinterest)

Now it’s easy to think of how great Pinterest is for us personally but how does it help my business, what’s the difference between using it personally and for business AND how do I know if I should be using it for my business?


How does it help my business?


1.       Pinterest is an evergreen content platform:

Meaning your pins last forever and your content will continue being shared over time. For example: On Facebook, if you share a post today by next week you’ll have to scroll far down to see that post and unless it went viral, it won’t be gaining much momentum or leads after a year. Pinterest on the other hand (like Google) has content that, if optimized and relevant, will be there forever continually growing. If you write a wonderful blog post you may find that 2 years later that blog post is giving you more referral traffic to your website than any other pin or post on social media platforms.

This is AMAZING is because as makers our time is limited. When we create one piece of content we really want to get the most out of it. We don’t want it to disappear to the bottom of the timeline never to be seen again. Pinterest allows you to constantly be getting the most out of your content FOREVER!

2.       Pinners are actively looking for your stuff:

According to Ahalogy, 83% of pinners said they would follow their favorite brand over their favorite celebrity. On top of that According to Millward Brown, 87% of pinners have purchased products BECAUSE of Pinterest and 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan their future purchases. So as you can see from the research done, pinners are actively engaging with businesses on Pinterest, they are planning their purchases using Pinterest and they’re buying directly from Pinterest. So if your audience is actively looking for your products and they don’t find yours, they’re likely finding other people’s products and you’re losing out on sales.

3.       It has crazy great business features:

Pinterest allows you to enable rich pins for a product, post, recipe, app, movie or place. Rich pins include extra information on the pin like the price of your product, the name of your product, whether your product is “in stock” or not, when your pricing changes (like sales) or the ingredients in your recipe.
You have access to promoted pins, buyable pins and other great features to connect your website to your Pinterest account.

4.       Everything you do is compounded:

Every little tweak you make on your blog or website will affect Pinterest. If you improve your blog SEO you’re in turn improving your Pinterest SEO if you have rich pins enabled. When you get social sharing buttons on your site, you’re improving your Pinterest profile. When you pin to group boards and actively pin daily your effort is compounded and helps that pin grow each day. The more tweaks and improvements you make to your board descriptions, your board names and pin descriptions the higher you’ll appear in the searches for the relevant keywords. Every little thing you do impacts your Pinterest account so taking 1 small step each day to improve has a compound effect (like investing).

5.       You get access to analytics:

This is one of the BEST features. The more active you are on Pinterest over time the more accurate your analytics will become in helping you identify what your ideal client wants to see from you next. In the analytics section, you can see what your followers are most interested in which gives you ideas for what to write about and what to share with them. It also shows you how your pins and profile is performing and allows you to test different pins and content to see what appeals to your audience.


Using Pinterest Personally Vs For Business


When you use Pinterest for personal use, you’re going to be pinning what YOU want to see when you feel like it or when you have time. When you pin for business you’re thinking of your ideal client, what THEY want to see and when they want to see it.

Using Pinterest for your business successfully has to do with consistency over time and small improvements to your profile and content over time. You’ll see great results by simply being consistent and pinning daily. When you use Pinterest for business you’re also going to be pinning with a specific goal in mind like getting leads to your website, increasing your email subscribers OR selling your products.

If you’re thinking there is no way I can go onto Pinterest everyday and pin, don’t worry there are fantastic schedulers now that take care pinning the content out for you. Tailwind is the one I use, and I go on once a week and schedule content out for the entire week. Tailwind also lets me optimize the time it gets sent out based on when my ideal audience is online.


Should I Use Pinterest For My Business?


When you’re deciding whether to use Pinterest for your business you need to figure out the following:

1.       Are your ideal clients using Pinterest?

2.       Are you ready to invest the time to make it worth your while?

In order to get great results, you need to know that it takes time but thankfully you can outsource this.

3.       Do you have products, blog posts, videos or other content that is evergreen that you could share on Pinterest?


4.       Do you want your content to be somewhere searchable online, that continues to grow over time and provides leads years later?


5.       Are you willing to spend some time learning how to use Pinterest for your business?


If you’re said yes to the above, then you should consider using Pinterest for your business. If you’ve said no to some of them, consider whether you can outsource that point and if not then Pinterest is likely not the platform for you to be on right now.


If you’re ready to get started with Pinterest here are your first two steps to tackle (hint: they’re super easy to do):


1.       Open a business account or switch from personal to business

You can set up your business account by following the tips here:

2.       Confirm your website so that you can track analytics on your pins

Confirm your website by following these steps:


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