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I am SO stoked and honored and excited to present this blog post to you. It's been such an honor building community and camaraderie with these wonderful women. Each is so skilled and so smart and so kind that I might just explode if I gush more.

We teamed up to bring you the best of the best! Branding doesn't have to be complicated and this post is going to prove it. Branding should be something that is a joy to do and if it isn't, then it should be done by someone who finds it a joyful thing to do.

These tips and tricks are going to open your eyes to how simple and uncomplicating your business brand can be. Without further ado, here are 10 experts and their advice on how to keep branding simple.



"Create a mood board to keep you on track with cohesive graphics & create templates that you can repurpose by changing the colors, copy and background image!"

You can find some great examples of mood boards here!

"Whatever the tagline is that you use on your website and for your biz, weave it through everything you do, including your social media. Reword it constantly. Drive it home.

In terms of creating powerful website copy, focus simply on the transformation that you create for people. More than any structure or hoopla, remember that. "

REMEMBER: Pain points + evidence of transformation = powerful website copy.

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"Stop mucking through it yourself and hire a professional... stay focused on what you're good at and let the branding and design experts make you look like a million bucks!

Use an app like SocialOomph, Hootsuite or CoSchedule to ensure your brand is consistently present on the social media channels where your potential customers hang out."

Learn what you should automate in your business!

"When you are just starting out, a memorable font and consistent color scheme can go a long way! What I did, and what I recommend to those who don't have the budget yet to hire a professional, is to go to and buy a unique font that fits your brand personality. Then pair this font with a serif or non-serif font.

This simple text-only logo is the great way to start out! And having a distinct set of fonts and colors is an important foundation for any brand!

With Canva for Work, you can upload your new font, load in your colors, and in a matter of minutes create branded graphics that are consistent and professional looking. They have a *magic resize* function to help you create the right size and shape graphics for everything from Pinterest to a YouTube thumbnail!"

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"People are so easily distracted from all off the branding noise out there. They get caught up on following trends and stray away from the real look of their brand. Normally makers are the brand! The characteristics you possess are what truly make you and your product or service unique. Those traits should be the foundation on which your branding look is created and then developed. For me, I love the mountains and I love adventure! I took both of these traits and merged them together to create my own branding. Branding should be simple because after all it is about you! And only you know yourself best.

It is ok to be different from the current trends - being different will make people remember you and that is the ultimate goal here - being remembered!

When you have physically printed branding pieces (business cards, flyers, etc) set up a mini photo shoot and take some high quality display images. These are great assets to display on your social media feeds!"



Alicia Bauer, Ally B Designs

Alicia Bauer, Ally B Designs

"Creating a mood board is the first step in achieving greater brand clarity. And, brand clarity is the sweet ride that’s going to help take your biz to the next level. When you start building a visual identity, it helps you define your style and your color palette. It creates a clearer path.

This board is going to be your guidebook to begin building your brand, style, tone, colors, etc.

If and when (because it happens to all of us) you get stuck creating blog images or social media posts, etc., refer back to your branding board. This board makes it easier for you to stay on track and keep your brand consistent. Why, you ask!? Well because you have already done all of the hard work. You have found what inspires you and screams "your brand". When you look back to your board you will have all of the inspiration you need to post away! Imagery, colors, fonts, the kitchen sink maybe?! (just kidding) is all right there for you to have at your finger tips to lead you on your way! Most importantly though - BE CONSISTENT! Use the colors and imagery that you love and represents your brand in each and every post you make! Your dreamies will remember you for this!

To see some GORGEOUS mood boards, click here.


"Stop thinking that it has to be perfect the first time. Making tweaks as you go, or even a complete rebrand from time to time doesn't mean you got it wrong, it just means you are getting closer to knowing yourself, your brand, and your tribe. So get out there and make, and pay attention, and your brand will come to life as you go.

Make templates. It makes it so much easier to get it out there, and if you have templates then you know you are on brand."

To learn how Dana manages her graphics and time with Trello, click here!

Be you. Honestly, just do what feels good to YOU. Try not to spend time analyzing the competition and doing what everyone else is doing, just spend time thinking about what is going to reflect you and your personality the best because, in the end, that's what will draw people in - you being you.

Create templates! In whatever app or program you use to create graphics, create templates so that you can easily go in and change them to reflect what you are wanting to post that day.

Get templates for your blog posts, social media, & more by clicking here.


Less is better. Simplify and don't overthink the design. Too much can look cluttered and chaotic. Less will allow the important pieces to stand out and be noticed.

Color & Font. Using your brands colors in created images as well as in photos and being consistent in the fonts that you use will ensure that they are related to you & your brand.

Your brand allows past, current & future clients/customers to identify you & you brand no matter what you're creating.




"Stop trying to look like everyone else! If you want to stand out you can't look the same.

Zig when others zag.

Stop using the same fonts and photos and things that are tired brand cliches in your industry."

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"When it comes down to it, your brand is your voice in visuals. And it needs to come from a place that is true to you and what you want to see accomplished in the world. You brand doesn't have to be complicated, but discovering those pieces of yourself that you want to pour into your business, is quite the journey."

Ready to own your branding and stop allowing yourself to think it's too complicated?

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