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How To Write An About Me Page That Will Get You Sales

How to write an about me page that will get you sales by NJ Rongner on the higgins creative

Many people think their About Me page is literally, all about them. While it is true that your About Me page is about you, it is actually more about your ideal client and the journey you can take them on if you work together.

 Having a compelling About Me page is important, it’s typically the second most visited page on your website (after your homepage). But, they can be SO HARD to write and often times people forget at least one essential component. 

Follow these tips to craft an amazing About Me page that will help get you sales. 

Start with the end, it’s the easiest to write.  

Make sure that the very last thing you leave your reader with is a strong call to action about what you want them to do next.

  • Visit my shop and check out my great products (linked to your shop).

  • Book a call with me to learn how we can work together (linked to your call scheduler)

  • Sign up for my amazing free challenge (linked to your opt in).

Show yourself and share your values.

Share a little bit about yourself and your family. Let the reader know about your core values and how those translate into the work  you do.

If you’re a mom, love your dog or are obsessed with coffee, let the reader know! Your About Me page is a great place to let the reader know a bit about your hobbies, family and passions. 

Think about who you’re writing to.

You’ll have an easier time writing your About Me page is you visualize who you’re writing to. My favorite person to think about is my best friend’s friend. I feel like I know her because we have a common interest, but we’ve never met. 

Tell the reader more than just facts about you and your business.

Take them on a journey instead of just spouting off information about your business.

  • Why did you start?

  • How did you start?

  • What inspired you to start?

  • How are you changing people’s lives?

Tell people how you can help them and show your results.

Get specific. How can you help the person reading your About Me page? Link to your services (or shop) and your portfolio (if you have one). 

Write like you speak.

This is the most important. Write in your own voice and using your own tone/brand words. If you’re fun and creative, let that come out in your writing. If you’re someone who is a go getter and a take no nonsense hustler, let that come out too! 

The most important thing to think about when writing your About Me page is to remember that it’s About You, but it’s for them (your reader/ideal client).  


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NJ Rongner describes herself as an Internetter. She got her start as parenting blogger at A Cookie Before Dinner, where she writes about chasing the sweet side of parenting in Western Massachusetts. In addition to blogging, NJ works as a digital strategist and loves to write copy for small businesses. She's a bonafide jack of all trades and has extensive knowledge in the nuts and bolts of blogging, social media, and content creation and strategy. You can find her at Willow & Anchor, a heart centered digital marketing agency, where she helps entrepreneurs tell their story authentically online. When she isn't busy taking the internet by storm or chasing her children, she can be found drinking the entire pot of coffee, watching Gilmore Girls, or scrolling through Instagram. Speaking of which she'd love to connect with you there @NJ.Rongner

How to write an about me page that will get you sales by NJ Rongner on The Higgins Creative Blog






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