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A visual brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. Consumers today are looking for more than a simple need filled. They want an experience, a connection, a meaningful transaction that is going to not only satisfy their needs right now, but leave a lasting impact on their future.

They want to work with someone they trust. They want to share you with their friends. They want to tweet that.

Your people know you by the things you post on social networks. They know you by your blog. They know you by your photography. Your people understand that buying from you is not just a transaction, but an experience.

This cannot be accomplished with a brand that is outdated, confused, or nonexistent. 

What is a visual branding? See this post for more detail, but basically, your brand is your voice without the sound. It's your logo. It's your style. It's your color scheme. It's your purpose, in photos. It's your calling come to life. It's your voice, visualized.

If you don't have a brand, or don't like the one you currently have, here are 5 ways you can tell if it's time to rebrand.

You don't know what you're doing.

If you're wandering through your biz, scraping for clients, and feeling exhausted by the weight of it all, it could be because you are no longer passionate about your brand. If you don't get up daily, with a sense of motivation and drive to get your message or products or services out into the world it might just be because you've lost your vision. You are not your brand, but it must resonate with you in some way because otherwise you'll find yourself drained & directionless.

You're not able to progress.

You've had the same logo for 15 years and you don't understand why you aren't attracting the right clientele, or clientele at all for that matter. Trends change and people are trained to favor one thing over the other. This isn't to say that you should change constantly and always stay "in trend" but keeping a fresh feel is important. 

No one knows what you're selling.

If you don't have a clear visual brand in your own mind, it won't translate over to your ideal customers' mind. And this conveys confusion and disconnectedness to your clients. Having a visual that matches your voice and connects with what you're offering will tell your customers, "I'm here. I offer this. And you want in on this." Your brand must be versatile enough to match your voice and clear enough to convey your purpose.

No one connects with you.

Your purpose isn't always visual, so establishing a visual brand gives your purpose legs and a voice. The colors you choose, your logo, the graphic elements and textures all attract and put off a certain vibe. When you put off the right vibe, you'll attract the right tribe and a tribe is where people feel connected. You know how you recognize who posted a photo without actually looking at who posted it? That's because they're branded and you connect personally with their brand. You want your clients to feel a part of what you're doing.

You want to move in a different direction.

Maybe you've had a certain designed feel to your work in the past, but it's not attracting who or what you'd like it to anymore. Maybe it's time to change it up! It's YOUR brand. It's your biz. If you don't like your branding, you're going to lose passion for your work over time. Give the work of your hands the credit it deserves and frame it with the branding it needs. 

So, take some time to think about if you're ready for a rebrand. And if you're not ready for a total overhaul, start making small changes. Buy a new font, change up your color scheme, or hire us for an a la carte logo design to put the passion back into you business!