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You hit a wall, you can only take on so many clients. Or you have hit that beautiful spot of being fully booked, which is awesome, but you want to keep moving forward in your business.

You have created awesome, high-quality pieces, but they are not selling as fast as you would like. Or you want to expand into something else to grow your business.

So, now what?

When making big decisions of what is next for business, I always ask myself if there is something I am able to teach. Online classes are a big trend right now. Many people are learning via the internet and there are comparably fewer classes available for people to take.

There are a few good course creation and hosting websites with multiple pricing and advertising options available. Favorites include Teachable, Skillshare, and Thinkific. Skillshare even has a class to teach you how to teach and challenges to create your course in a month. This is a fun way to get feedback, have accountability and learn from people who sell thousands of courses a year.

The next thing to consider when looking to level up your business is to think outside the box. Use your creative ability to discover something new to offer your clients or customers. When you look at your business offerings in a new way, you broaden the scope of how you or what you offer, which also opens up your business to a new client base.

So how do you think outside the box?

1. Explore what you are good at.

2. Make a list of what you enjoy and what you are good at, then see where those intersect.

3. Where those intersect, explore that space.

If you have already found a sweet spot between what you enjoy, and what you are good at, see if you can offer it in a different way. What if you offered knitting coaching on Skype or Google Hangouts? Or if you do something on the computer that others might be interested in watching, charge a minimal fee for people to watch you work and then offer them the ability to ask questions about what you are doing.

You can get client work accomplished and make money at the same time. Even better, record them and sell them at a later time. Obviously, you can’t make millions from this, but it is something to explore for your offerings.

The biggest action to take in leveling up your business is to actually take action! Finding new ideas or creating a course will only make your business money if you follow through. Ideas are not good unless they become action.

So how do you create a good pattern of follow through?

1. Tell a friend or accountability partner.

2. Write a date on your calendar and hold yourself accountable to complete it on time.

3. Make actionable goals that you can keep progress of either in Trello or Evernote or a notebook.

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven’t.” - Thomas Edison

Danielle Roberts is the owner of Legacy Creative Company. She is a proactive virtual assistant and strategist for small business who serves women business owners. It is her desire to see them have more hours in their day to pursue their business goals and make money, while she takes on the administrative tasks and provides insight from an outside perspective. She is the wife of Lucas, and a work at home mom of three, ages 4, 2 and 11 months. Community and intimate relationships bring fire to her soul. She is an avid fan of reading novels and drinking coffee with her friends.

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