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Maggie of The Heavenly.

bar necklaces.jpg

Welcome Maggie to the journal today! And enjoy her BEAUTIFUL work & a little background about her biz, The Heavenly.

Who are you? What do you make?

How did you get started?: I'm Maggie, a jewelry maker who makes minimalist, geometric and modern jewelries. My works are largely consists of geometrical shapes, lines and bars. I began with wire art jewelries initially, which is really intricate and rather complicated, I reckon, the geometric influence in my work now which has crisp outline is actually an inner self reflection on the outer creations- a longing of becoming simpler.

bar tragus cuffs.jpg


What makes you want to create? What keeps you going?:

I have had a deep interest in art and crafts since very young age, the process of creating is a thrilling experience to me. I have been so thankful ever since my shop sold the first piece of Tragus cuff and particularly thankful to those adventurous wearers who are willing to put on new designs and seek new ideas. It encourages me to further my ideas and design more modern and beautiful jewelry. Having a thought of somewhere, someone else is actually wearing my handmade pieces makes me humbled and very happy!

What has been the most challenging part of your business?:

As I'm a more natural 'Artisan' than a business woman, I find things challenging when it comes to having a structured business plan and goals. Being overwhelmed by what's happening on the business side is common to me, and indeed happens very often. Finding the balance between creating and business planning are perhaps things that most artisans deal with. I must say that I'm still learning.

comet ring.jpg

What advice do you have for other, perhaps newer, makers?:

I would say researching and refining your own niche right from the start are particularly important, that will helps you to stay focused on what you love to do instead of over investing your time and money into unnecessary places, tools and materials. (I’ve learned a hard lesson on that....)

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?: Please enjoy a 15% off discount code for my shop by using the code (heavenly) at check out!

Thanks to Maggie for taking the time to share her story. Shop her beautiful pieces here & follow her on Instagram for more beautiful photographs!

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