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Time is such a precious commodity. We are over committed and under-rested, overwhelmed by busyness and harried by the pressure of ever-busier holidays. Fluorescent screens steal our attention in intimate moments and add the frenzied feelings of inadequacy and stress. When it comes time to think about giving a gift, we often don’t feel like we have time to devote to purchasing and wrapping one, much less to make one.

I love to give gifts. I love to spend time finding a gift that will remind the person that I love how much I care about them; how much time I spent thinking of them while combing through endless possibilities to find the perfect gift. But the most satisfying gift that I can give is something that I have spent time making with them in mind.  

I am an amateur, but when I take the opportunity to make a gift for a loved-one, I receive so many gifts in return. With every stroke of a brush, I offer a prayer of thanks for my able-bodiedness. With every stroke of rough sandpaper, smoothing the knicks out of a piece of wood, I remember that my life experiences are wearing away my imperfections. With every stitch that is sewn, I am given the mental space to rest from stress. I am given peace. With every words that slips out of my pen or appears on my screen as I write, I am given clarity and fluency to express my love and gratitude. With every moment that I spend making a gift for one that I love, I truly pour myself and my time into creating something beautiful to remind them just how much they are loved.

As I begin to create, the cobwebs of too many hours spent staring at a spreadsheet are shaken from my mind, and my creativity awakens. I marvel at the tools available to create, and the skill and practice that it takes to use those implements well to make something lovely; something lasting. As I work, I pray. I thank God for the person that will receive my gift and reflect on how much they mean to me. I thank God that He made me in His image, with the heart of a maker. I thank God that although my attempts betray how far I am from mastery, every time I pick up a brush or a lump of clay, I am being allowed to take a step back from the busyness that creeps into my life and take a deep breath, remembering what really matters.


As we sit in the midst of the holiday season, may we savor the moments that we wake to make. May we carve out those moments and marvel at the impact that just a few minutes can make on ourselves and our world as we take a deep breath and give ourselves space to be grateful for all that we have been blessed with. Even if our contributions feel small, may we recognize their significance.


Carla is an amateur maker in the heart Kentucky and enjoys dabbling is most art forms when she's not hard at work making excel spreadsheets for fun at her day job. Her first love is writing, and she can be found blogging about faith and life in general at