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Selling yourself (and your business) is hard.

However, as an artist (and a business owner, in general) you need to be able to do exactly that in order to make sales. For new artists and business owners, it’s hard to even know where to start or what options are available for making yourself and your business known. Luckily, I’m here to help! I’m going to break down a list of ways for you to market yourself and your business, and how you can start reaching your audience and potential customers today!

Have a Quick Elevator Pitch Ready At All Times

Before you start blasting the internet about your new venture, make sure you have a quick few sentences ready to explain what you do. Be sure to emphasize the value in what you do, and if you offer services, share how you can help others and the value in your offerings. Having a great elevator pitch ready will really help when someone asks what it is that you do, and will really benefit you if you decide to start meeting up with other creative in your area or star attending some networking events (another great way to get your name out there!) Maya Elious shares some great tips on creating an elevator pitch right here!

Use Social Media

In order to start spreading awareness of your creative business, it is extremely important to start utilizing social media. If you are just getting started with social media for your business, you’ll definitely want to take a look at all the options available and decide which social media platforms you want to use and invest your time in. Remember: You don’t have to be on all of them! That will overwhelm you. Just choose the ones that are right for you and will work the best for your business.

The social media platforms I recommend for artists:


Instagram is near and dear to my heart as a calligrapher and artist, and is definitely my personal favorite of all the social media platforms. Instagram is photo-based, as the photo you post is the very first thing someone will see as they scroll through their feed. Therefore, it is extremely important that the photo you choose to post is visually pleasing and is on-brand. Make sure to share often and use hashtags that go well with your industry!


Pinterest is also extremely visual, and would be great for showing off your art. You can create Pinterest-optimized images that are super eye-catching with links that go directly to your website or blog, allowing you opportunity for growing your email list, gaining clients or selling your artwork.

Periscope and/or YouTube

Using video is another great way to show off your skills and creations. YouTube has been around for a while, and you can record videos of yourself creating and upload them to your channel. Periscope is similar, but allows you to connect with your audience live and answer questions as they pop up on the screen. Consider creating how-to videos of how you made certain pieces of art, or a demonstration of a artistic tool you use on the regular. For example, I plan to create videos on using different pen holders and nibs for calligraphy, as well as different pens for hand lettering!

Other Options

Other tools to consider are Facebook and Twitter. However, I myself have had trouble reaching a large audience with both. Some strategies you can use with each, though, would be to join Facebook groups where you can connect with peers, and you could also join or host Twitter chats!

Have an Awesome Website/Portfolio

For artists, an amazing portfolio is vital. Whether you are trying to get a job as a graphic designer (or something else) or are trying to start your own design business, it’s important for you to have amazing work that you can show off to potential employers or clients. If your work is just mediocre or if your website is unappealing, employers and potential clients will likely look elsewhere. So make sure you have an attractive, functional website that hosts your most amazing work! Click here to read about how Instagram can be your online portfolio.

If you don’t have a website right now or are considering switching platforms, I highly suggest Squarespace – they have numerous beautiful templates that are super easy to customize, are very functional and their customer service is amazing. They also have a built-in analytic program so you can track your website traffic and see where your visitors are coming from. Click here to hire The Higgins Creative to design your Squarespace site!

Sell Your Art Online

You could also consider selling your art online. Etsy and Shopify are both great options, and you could also consider creating a shop on your own website. Other options could include Amazon, Creative Market, or Gumroad. Selling your art in multiple places online will allow for a wider reach and a higher probability of sales, so consider setting up shop on several platforms.

Start Blogging!

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but blogging really is an amazing way to get your name out there and start driving traffic to your website. Blogging really helps establish you as an expert, as long as your posts are well-written, informative and helpful. Make sure to decide on a blogging niche so that you’re not just blogging about anything and everything, though – visitors should be able to understand right away what your blog is all about when they first visit. Also, make sure to sign up for Google Analytics and use specific keywords in your posts!

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