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Where To Start.

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Welcome to the most embarrassing post I've ever written, that you totally need to hear.

You need to hear it because we're all newbies at some point. You need to hear this because you might be feeling just like I did when I first started out.

Like you're not enough. Like you don't know everything you should. Like you can't possibly be a voice in the things you make because you don't have enough experience. Like maybe you'll just never be equipped enough for your dreams.

Well, you're right.

You're not enough and you don't know everything. Encouraging, right?

But guess what, this applies to everyone on the face of the planet.

Yes, even those you think have so much knowledge and so much experience still often fly by the seat of their pants. Those people are still bad at some things that you're good at.

Welcome to my design skills from the awkward age of 12.

Yep. You're looking at my very first logo. For my very first design business.

Guys, I knew nothing. Not even the fact that you shouldn't squish fonts (don't do that, ever please) or that green and three different kinds of pinks aren't the best together.

Ah! And the drop shadow and the gradient in the letters. Can we all just appreciate how bad this is for a minute?


Okay, back to you. All that terrible design aside, maybe you feel similar to me. Back when I thought Lime Green & Hot Pink were "bomb" I didn't realize that I was stepping out into something unknown. And something that would become my future.

Maybe you've already stepped into your future. Maybe you're already on the path and you've passed the "rainbow fish logo" stage. Or maybe you're too afraid to take a step at all.

You've got to move, friend. You've got value to bring to the world and a gift to cultivate. And it's going to take some time to learn it, so why not start now? What is holding you back from STARTING?

It might be ugly, it might be embarrassing 10 years down the road, but it is the step that means that you've started the journey.

And, guys, it's so good.

It's good to learn a new skill, build a business, and stretch yourself. It's good to start a journey that will get you to a new destination years from now. It's good to feel in control of your surroundings and live life on purpose.

So just start.

This is why we created theForge, our online coaching community. Because you don’t have to do this alone!

The best way to start the business of your dreams is to figure out where you are starting from. Take my free quiz below to learn more about your current business stage and how to move forward!