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Hello! My name is Raya and I am currently a student studying Naturopathic Medicine.

Who are you? What do you make? How did you get started?

I am a nature loving, herb spreading my love of healing and recovery through sharing the gifts of this earth. I make Naturopathic Medicine based skin, hair and body care for those recovering from medical treatments as well as those seeking plant based true healing. Ray of Hope Healing began as I witnessed and personally experienced the need for alternative medicine for those with autoimmune diseases that needed chemical free healing.

What makes you want to create? What keeps you going?

My eyes were open to the need for alternative medical treatment when my dear cousin was diagnosed with full body eczema. She was treated with harsh steroids and endless chemicals. My heart broke for her. I began researching tirelessly over how to help. After beginning treatment with my products she wore a dress for the first time at 18 years old. She tells me all the time " I gave her her life back." So I would have to say the 30 million people living with eczema and chronic inflammation keep me creating everyday.

What has been the most challenging part of your business?:

Many are unaware of the truth behind the trend of homemade skincare etc. and how true healing plays into your entire life. I try to provide ancient knowledge for modern understanding. Saying, healing has to occur both inside and out.

What advice do you have for other, perhaps newer, makers?:

Choose and follow your moral compass. I know comprising is easy to try to fit in but the world needs your gifts and talents. Present them free and true. Follow your compass and it'll lead you directly to those who believe as you do. I truly love what I do. Every bit of it. From the girl wearing a dress for the first time, to hand-making and creating treatments that look like gifts. I love sharing the gift of true pure healing. Loved Ones, there is hope.

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