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Kayla is sharing her tips on how to set yourself apart with cohesive branding. she has over 7 years experience in the wedding industry and has learnt some valuable branding tips that you can benefit from. See her tips by clicking this post.

Hey Makers, my name is Kayla and I'm the designer and curator behind Love Sparkle Pretty where I create ethereal and bohemian inspired bridal adornments of veils, floral crowns and combs. I've been in the wedding industry as a "maker" for almost 7 years now.

 All along the way, I really fought to find my brand's identity within this incredibly saturated space of the bridal industry. As many of us makers know, our areas of expertise may yield high competition and it can be so easy to focus on what everyone else is doing rather than keeping our eyes on our own paper. With that said, you can most definitely set yourself apart from blending in by adding value with cohesive branding and that's what I've really strived to do.

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There are two main questions that I ask myself when creating and pouring into my brand each day.

Who am I ultimately talking to and how am I going to talk to them?

Who am I talking to?

When setting myself apart, remembering who my customer is is at the heart of it all. When uploading my photos and writing my descriptions, captions and posts, it matters what the content will be when I know who I'm addressing.

For example, in my Instagram posts, a lot of my captions include quotes and topics about romance, love and beauty and not just outward beauty but elegance of the heart. This also ties in with the ethereal and bohemian aesthetic I illustrate. My descriptions within my online storefront are similar with added wording that will resonate with my customers because she values quality of the pieces she chooses to wear as well as the details on her wedding day.

What does my customer really value?

Knowing this not only about my specific product but the lifestyle they lead is so conducive to narrowing down "her" or "him." For my customer, she's in her mid 20's living in NY where she met her forever love. Now that she's engaged, she loves looking at fineart wedding photography while she sips her latte at the local coffee shop. She envisions herself styled like the models and real brides on her special day wearing a Rue De Seine dress and relates to the love stories told within her Magnolia Rouge magazines.

Having a specific idea of this woman in my head before I start typing my content helps tremendously to know what I want to portray and keeps my branding cohesive.

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How am I going to talk to them?

This is where it all wraps up with a pretty pink bow. Once I knew who I was talking to, it made much of everything else easier. The ways of how I communicate value and story to my customers is through photography, styling and content.

Photography has really been a huge part of my branding! My website, shop items and social media accounts are cohesive with the same underlying story told throughout just by the photos alone.

Ways I make my photos cohesive:

I use the same palettes and lighting. I love pastel colors and white space with warm lighting so I use a lot of white or very pale backdrops, natural lighting and softer tones within my photos.

Since the majority of my customers are brides, I envision what she will look like on her wedding day-her wedding dress style (as well as the designer), her hair style, the look of her makeup, location, etc. This is true with my styled shoots when it comes to collaborating with models, wardrobe, photographers style of capturing photos, hairstylist as well as other particulars. When it comes to product photography-for instance, my floral crowns, I prefer to capture my crowns on a simple vintage style mannequin head with a white backdrop to highlight the details of the design itself. This not only goes for my photos but also the styling of my website, fonts I use and logo. What resonates with her? What is she drawn to? How can I capture that bohemian feel within the ethereal aesthetic? Etc.

Kayla is sharing her tips on how to set yourself apart with cohesive branding. she has over 7 years experience in the wedding industry and has learnt some valuable branding tips that you can benefit from. See her tips by clicking this post.

I let much of the visuals do most of the talking in my business but the content is where I add value as well as story. I use wording that describes romance and beauty but also details (remembering that my customer is all about the details) about what goes into the process of creating my adornments, the softness of the fabrics used for the flowing veils as well as the colors and textures of different blooms used in my floral crowns. I make my content a part of the cohesive equation by using the same or similar descriptions across all platforms and again, remembering who I'm talking to.

Creating a cohesive brand has been essential when reaching my customers and differentiating my business from another even in the same market. You can take the same steps to creating a brand that's specific to you by downloading the free Brand From Scratch guide that provides the questions you need to shape cohesion within your space.


Kayla is the designer and creator behind Love Sparkle Pretty where she creates bridal adornments of veils, floral crowns and combs with an ethereal and bohemian aesthetic. She's been in the wedding industry for about 7 years now and has shipped her designs all across the world. She works out of her home studio in Southern California where she lives with her husband and two young children.