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Q: Hi Sidney! We're so glad to have you here! Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I am Sidney Hunter, owner of Sidney Hunter Design Co! I specialize in hand lettering and watercolor. I make anything that can be painted or lettered!  My favorite things are wedding invitations and chalkboard menus. I started “doodling” in high school in my world history notebook and refined the process until I realized that I was lettering. In college I began getting really positive feedback and requests for my lettering to appear on friends and family members walls. It wasn’t long before my hobby became a passion.

Q: Isn't it great how sometimes things just fall into place like that? What makes you want to create? What keeps you going?

A: I love being able to put peoples ideas on paper. So many of the things I create carry sentimental value, mark a special occasion or exist as memorabilia. It feels good to know that I can take what people have experienced and materialize it, make it something beautiful.  
I am highly encouraged by fellow makers. And by the people around me, I love seeing and hearing how someone else experiences something and how that's different than my own version.
My main inspiration however, is the hope that I can point someone toward the gospel. That somehow my interaction with them will show them Jesus.

Q: That's awesome. We strive for that transparency in our biz as well. What has been the most challenging part of your business?

A: Actually trying to run a small business. My passion is creating, not managing finances or keeping up with how many people my posts have reached. Most of the time I just want to be painting or lettering, not keeping track of my Paypal account.

Q: We feel the same way! Sometimes it can be overwhelming. How can people follow you and keep up on your business?

A: I am of course on all of the social medias! Instagram is my most used platform to share photos and updates on my work. I also love tweaking my website and try to update my blog as much as possible! You can find me at and I recently opened an Etsy Shop with a new name that I'm transitioning over to really soon!

Q: What advice do you have for other, perhaps newer, makers?

Never stop learning. My business is a little over one year old so I am still fairly new, but even now watching other people launch businesses or start something new teaches me many things. I am always following other creatives hoping to gain insight on how they are using their creative outlets. I love to learn from those who have a different perspective than me!

It was so wonderful having Sidney on the Journal today. We love seeing all the different ways that you guys #waketomake. Be sure to follow up on Sidney as her biz grows and she continues to 'bring it' in the world of design! Also, don't forget to leave her some love in the comments below!

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product images by Jordan Maunder // head shots by Andrea Pesce