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In creative business, we talk SO MUCH about your ideal client, your target market, your dream customer. But that can be so vague and disheartening, can't it?

I got so fed up with this idea that "my people were out there" that I forgot WHY I was in business in the first place. I want to equip people to create. I want to help them #waketomake, in whatever form that takes.

In this concept, I have CREATED my client. I have encouraged and prodded and beckoned out of the people who were in connection with me, this deep desire to create. It wasn't something I made in them, but I did encourage it to come out. And that's my goal daily, to encourage makers to create and to provide you with the tools to do so well and in a way that supports yourself and your family.

Your ideal customer isn't someone who simply buys from you. In creative business, YOU are much more important than your products. It's a given that your products are good, that's a whole other blog post. But you are really selling YOU, your talents, your experiences, your dreams.

And that means that your ideal clients are the ones who share your passion, understand your experiences, and resonate with your dreams.

They get you, and when they interact with you, they feel that much less alone. That makes you a tribe, and when you cultivate a tribe, you get the privilege of being the one who provides for their needs and nourishes them.

So stop trying to find this elusive, hard to understand "tribe" of people who will pay for your stuff.

Build your people and build INTO the people you already have.

As you change and grow, people will leave you and lose interest, but in letting them go, you are making room for those people who truly resonate with your business dreams and goals.

Your target market is about so much more than money. And so much more than numbers. I promise you, if you make a space where people feel connected and you keep providing them with resources and supplies and things to improve their life, your tribe will grow exponentially.

And it will grow HONESTLY and in a LOVELY, ORGANIC way.

You just have to make the space and keep killing it.

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