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The Money Mindset Routine You Can't Afford To Skip

The Money Mindset Routine You Can’t Afford to Skip by Tonya Rineer (money mindset coach) on The Higgins Creative Blog for entrepreneurs, makers and creatives.

I have 2 questions for you:

How much money would you love to earn this year?
What’s stopping you?


Chances are you’ve taken the time to sit down and write out your goals, you’ve created the right brand image, you’ve invested in marketing yourself, and you’re getting great feedback from your clients.

But you’re still not making the money you want. You keep thinking that you’re missing something. Is it my landing page? Is it my web copy? Maybe there’s a course on strategy I should look into. Or it’s my lack of focus- should I take a course on productivity? Is it my offer? Do I need to change up my business model?


Nope! The problem likely isn’t any of those things!


What’s really stopping you from making more money?
The answer is simple: Your Mindset!


First, let me dispel the myth around mindset that if you just do all of your Law of Attraction exercises, that the perfect clients with loads of cash are going to come pounding on your door.

I wish! If that were true, every introvert in the world would be a millionaire!

The truth is that if you want a successful and profitable business, you have to learn to manage your own negative self-talk, control your emotions and find the courage to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears.

You have to believe in your value and be able to confidently communicate that value to the world- which means putting yourself out there, promoting yourself and having those awkward money and sales conversations that feel so scary.

But in order to do that with confidence, you first have to be able to recognize the limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that are the real reason you’re not already where you want to be.


So, how do you do master your money mindset?


First, it’s important to understand that a healthy money mindset takes discipline. Just like making a shift to a healthier lifestyle (which means giving up junk food) there will be times when you’re tempted to go back to your old patterns. But the more you practice, the easier it gets!

And there are a LOT of fancy, advanced mindset techniques I could give you, but, just like with any new journey, it’s best to start with the simple stuff first.


Branding isn’t complicated.

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The fastest way to start reprogramming your money mindset is to make the following habits part of your daily routine:




Pay attention to the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Work to swap out negative words and phrases with more positive ones.

For example, instead of “I can’t afford a new car,” Say, “A new car isn’t in the budget yet.” Or rather than say, “What if no one buys by product,” ask “What can I do to create more value so that everyone will want to buy this?”

It’s a simple twist on the thoughts we think everyday that can make all the difference.




Once you start paying close attention, you’ll notice that limiting thoughts go through your head on the regular. So what do you do when one is really strong and deeply rooted? You argue with it! Yes, I’m serious!

When we have deeply rooted beliefs they usually show up as matter-of-fact statements. And the reason that we believe them to be true, is because something happened in the past that has given the limiting belief merit. For example, if you had a bad experience speaking in public, your belief might be, “I suck at public speaking.”

I’m willing to bet this isn’t true! I’m sure there are times in the past that you spoke in front of a crowd and did great! Maybe you told a story at your family reunion in front of an audience of 6- that counts! Or maybe you gave a speech at your best friends wedding- that counts too! And you survived! So you can speak in public!

That limiting belief was formed to protect you from future embarrassment, but if you want to conquer it, all you have to do it find something- anything- you can use to prove that the belief is false.




Finally, follow it up with an affirmation- a truth statement- that makes you feel like a rockstar. And say it to yourself over and over again until it feels real (spend a minute or two on this step- it’s important)!

For the above examples, your affirmation might look something like, “I will be driving a new car by December”, “Everyone loves my services, I’m excited to share my knowledge bombs with 30 new people this month!” and “I am a confident and successful public speaker!”




Not sure whether or not you’re buying into this? Try is for a week!


Give it an honest to goodness effort and it will help you to develop more positive habits and really start to reprogram your mind for financial success, I promise!


They Money Mindset Routine You Can't Afford To Skip by Tonya Rineer

Tonya Rineer is the energy behind the Profit Party and now the Profit Party Podcast! She is an innovative Money Mindset Maven who helps women entrepreneurs discover their value, super-charge their profit potential and get off the financial roller coaster for good.

She is dedicated to revolutionizing the way women think and feel about money and business. Whether she is speaking, training or coaching, Tonya’s purpose shines through in all that she does!

Tonya’s action-oriented style gives women the tools they need to gain control of their finances, transform their beliefs about money and dramatically increase their income!

The Money Mindset Routine You Can’t Afford to Skip by Tonya Rineer (Money Mindset Coach) on The Higgins Creative blog for entrepreneurs, creatives, makers and artists.






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