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Today, we are introducing you to a maker named Pauline.

When Pauline was a young girl, just 15, hopeless and alone and bearing a child through force, Mercy House found her. She was desperate for a home, support, and someone to tell her she mattered.

After just a few short years working alongside her, the staff of Mercy House Kenya showed her Jesus in tangible ways and her life has been transformed. She graduated the program that Mercy House provides, all while supporting the work they do through Fair Trade Friday, a monthly subscription box of goods delivered to your door. She now attends beauty school while her son, Melvin, attends school as well.

Every Saturday, she goes into the heart of her slum and teaches more than 20 mothers how to make products that are then sent to the US and mailed out in Fair Trade Friday boxes. The women in her community outreach make around $50 a month from the product.  That’s enough to pay for rent, provide food and cover school fees for their children.

From a pregnant teen to a mother and a teacher, Pauline is a perfect example of what God can do when we choose to take what He's given us and make good with our hands.

There was so much that could have held Pauline back from living a full life, but with the work of Mercy House and their Fair Trade Friday program, Pauline found hope, community, and purpose.

She is a maker to her core, and instead of hoarding her own talents and time, she generously shares them with her circle of influence.

She has the heart of a true maker.

If you want to help support women like Pauline, hop over to Fair Trade Friday's website and sign up for a monthly artisan box! They have choices like original box, men's box, kids box, home box, as well as other artisan goods sold individually.

Making matters, and maybe, just maybe, your purse, or earrings, or a new scarf can actually make a world of difference to someone, just like it did for Pauline. What do you #waketomake?


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