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We would live in a much sadder world if artists would have given up on the days they felt crazy.
— Brittany Currie
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Makers make. Not because they want to avoid the "working," not even because they want to work. Makers make because they have to.

Makers feel fire in their bones when they are stuck behind walls. They aren't satisfied with the daily, with the mundane, with the cultural norms. They aren't brought to life by mimicking, or copying, or finding inspiration meant for someone else..

Makers make because they have to.

Makers are also patient. They put great care into small touches. They aren't over-the-top dreamers. They don't forsake practicality for what some might call useless.

They are detailed, fruitful, and slow at what is most important to them.

Makers struggle with comparison, but it's never enough to keep them from pushing on. They struggle with balance, though the creative side of them often dips into the every day-ness.

We aren't in it for the money. We aren't slaves to the culture. Makers make because they have to, and they feel down deep in their bones, that if they were to quit they would somehow miss out on real, vibrant life.

We wonder if what we do matters. We wonder if the world thinks we're just nuts or hippies. We wonder if they'll remember us, notice us, need us.

But we also experience a freedom when we make. We can make peace. Make justice. Make pottery. We can make someone's day. Someone matter. Someone's mantra. We can make babies. Make love. Make a lollipop. We can make cookies. Make schedules. Make a difference.

We are free. We are creatives. We make good with our hands.


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