Lilah Higgins
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Over the last year, we've been able to cultivate an incredible community of Makers in the Wake To Make Tribe on Facebook. Each of these beautiful Makers below bring so much to the tribe & are so encouraging to me.

They remind me that we are all unique and yet, we are all called to create good things that make the world a better place.

Being a Maker is about more than creation of goods or services or communities. It's about putting more good out than bad. It's about drowning out the darkness with productive, lovely light.

That's why the Wake To Make Community is community over competition and everyone is welcome. Because COULDN'T WE USE MORE GOOD IN THIS WORLD.

Why in the world would we tame that in someone who wants to CONTRIBUTE.

Today, instead of worrying and arguing over things that don't matter, let's learn to know the good within each other and the calling we each have to create. When we focus on and call out these parts of ourselves and each other, we have the chance to make real world change.

This ladies were gracious enough to share with us about how the movement has affected them and I was blown away by the good that has come out of the calling on my life. Read through their comments and let their moments become you. Then when you finally believe that you ALSO have good to bring, go leave them some love & let them know we sent you!

"I love the community feeling here. How there's no competition between makers of the same genre, but only encouragement and camaraderie. You can share personal wins, prayer requests, struggles and are always welcomed with open ears and given shoulders to cry or lean on. There's always kind feedback if that's what you need, and encouragement as you grow and change as a person and a business." - Abby Glassgow, Glassgow Design



"As a developing artist and a beginner to all-things-digital, support and community has been hugely important in my creative journey. The #waketomake movement has provided both (support and community) in such an authentic, kind, and collaborative way, and I can't wait to continue learning from and supporting fellow creatives in the Wake To Make Tribe!" - Tawni Sattler, The Life In Between



"The wake to make movement is one of the sole reasons my business is where it's at today. It's a movement that perfectly combines knowledge, inspiration and community all with the purpose of fostering genuine creativity. It's the perfect combination! I just can't get enough!" - Dusty Hegge, Throwing Pinecones



"The wake to make movement helped me realize that makers come in all different forms and that we are all truly called to make something beautiful every single day. It's about realizing what you're meant and called to do, what your skills have pushed you towards and what your soul yearns to create...and then waking up every day and doing just that." - Samantha Munoz, Samjoco Celebrations


"The #waketomake movement has created a space where I, as a maker, am able to feel encouraged, inspired and empowered. The #waketomake movement is different from other communities in that it functions as a proper community of makers who constantly inspire each other to make with their heads, hands, and heart! It is a special community that I am so grateful to be a part of - without it I would not have had the courage to pursue great opportunities within my business." - Kathryn Moorhouse, Zoey & Logan