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The thought of spending any money on stuff for your business when you're starting up and boot strapping seems ridiculous. But you need to spend money to make money and investing in your biz is really important for growth. On the journal i'm sharing the top 3 things we believe are the MOST beneficial for most new business owners to put money into first. Read the post by clicking on the image.

None of us have start-up money that we can throw at everything we need to when beginning a business.

From my research, most of you are boot-strappers, go-getters, and building income without debt or huge capital up front.

(You are awesome, by the way. You are going to rock this, even if it takes a little longer that someone with a dump of cash.)

But it takes money to make money and it's sometimes overwhelming to decide which thing to invest in first when you start building your business.

Here are the top 3 things we believe to be the most beneficial for most new business owners to put money into first.


Of course we're biased here, but there's a reason we suggest intentional, professional level branding for our clients and new business owners.

Your branding is more than a logo or colors, it's the visual representation of what your business is and does. It's the easy step after you discover your ideal market, your mission, your vision statement and so on. 

Whether you do this on your own or by hiring it out, be sure to create an intentional visual package that sums up your business before you even start marketing.


 Online businesses are just that, online. You need a space outside of your social networks where people can get a real sense of who you are and what you can offer them.

Invest in a designer to build your site or do it yourself with Squarespace, which houses your dash, domains, and email addresses all in one.


 Lastly, we recommend a coach. Someone who is successfully doing what you want to do or someone who has helped other business owners successfully do what you want to do.

Find someone you can not only learn from, but can be a connector for you and who gives you actionable steps to take even with all of the confusion and desires of your brand new baby business.

We know it's hard to know what to invest in and how to pay for the things to get you started, but once you build up income, start investing it back into your business as soon as you can and you will find the success, fulfillment, and freedom that you've been looking for.