Lilah Higgins
Design and Illustration for brands, organizations, and people with a mission.



I'm going to be really real with you for a minute. Our entire lives are online. 3.1 billion people use the internet everyday. 3.1 billion people vying for the attention of their peers, filling up this online space we've come to love.

Inside of these 3.1 billion people, is you and what you have to offer the world. This can feel so frickin' intimidating, right? Like how in the world does my work matter and why should I even bother throwing it into the pool of so many others?

But I'm here to tell you that you're not alone in how you feel. And if you let that mindset manifest fully in your life, your soul will die.

Because this idea of Making is not for the sake of the world. It's for you. It's for a world full of You's who make and love their craft or hobby or talent and use it for good.

It's the collective of us, coming together, to bring what we have and live full lives.

This work that we speak of goes unseen SO OFTEN because it gets lost in the sea of the internet. This is my heart, guys. To make you seen, but not just for the sake of being seen, but because you owe it to yourself to live creatively. And the world needs more people who have come alive to this.

The tools to get you to the point where you are sharing your work and getting seen by those who resonate with your work is an whole other issue.

This is where I come in. Since I was a little girl, rearranging my Mom's shelves and designing Interiors Boards for major hospitals in Southern California, all the way through my 12 years of fine art classes, and my ability to make my makeup clients feel like new women, I've learned the art of composition. Basically, I've always been really good at getting people's attention by pooling together a story and visually captivating them.

And throw in my ability to learn any program and my continuing coding education and BAM. I found my calling and that is to build effective, cohesive, beautiful websites to showcase the work of your head, heart, and hands.

This is more than a flashy way to show off. This is giving the work of your hands the platform it deserves. This is calling out your creative insecurities and telling them "I have a right to exist and make and I'm going to be brave in that." This is taking your life, as it's been given to you, and making it exactly what it was meant to be. Free, beautiful, wonderfully infectious, and important.

A brand is just a method to share your voice. A logo is just a tool to get people's attention. Social Media is just a portal to relationship. A website is just a platform for the person that has a purpose.

These things are not the end-all, but they are THE best method to share the work of your head, heart, and hands with a world who desperately needs its people to live creatively.

Will you take action towards living this creative life and embracing the work of your head, heart, and hands? The world needs you, Maker.

It's time to take your creativity seriously.