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How unplugging can make you a better creative on The Higgins Creative Journal. Click the link to read more and join the #waketomaketribe on Facebook for more maker encouragement and support.

Hey you, go getter!  Let’s chat about unplugging today.

What are some thoughts that come to mind when you think about rest? Do you have positive thoughts associated with taking a refresh from work, or does it immediately send you into panic mode?

I know for me, it can be a challenge to slow my mind down long enough to rest. Society has conditioned us to believe the busier we are the better. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rest has so many benefits!

I recently heard a pastor say "rest rejuvenates while laziness deteriorates." Having a clear understanding of the purpose behind resting will help us have a more positive outlook on why we need it. Let’s talk about why unplugging is advantageous to growing our businesses.

Our Creator modeled the idea for us first

When we read the story about creation God works for 6 days and then he rested.  Nothing like a good example to get you thinking about the importance of refreshing! When we come from the positive perspective that unplugging will make us more effective we can kick that guilt to the curb that wants to tell us we are wasting time.

Unplugging helps your mood and relationships

I recently was going non-stop and I decided I needed to break away from work practice what I preach so that I could just have some time to appreciate my relationships.  Because I’m an introvert I recharge with a bit of alone time.

Being in the coaching industry I do a lot of talking to people. I want to give them all my best, so I know it’s absolutely crucial that I take time away in order to give from a place of overflow.

Unplugging helps your creativity

Have you ever been working on a project and could not put any new thoughts together? This is your brain kindly telling you it’s time for a break! Our creativity is increased when we give our minds time away to think new thoughts.

I am so much more creative after a long stretch of work, when I’ve taken the time to engage with life outside of work. You are inspired to create by living life. The two go hand in hand.

How unplugging can make you a better creative on The Higgins Creative Journal. Click the link to read more and join the #waketomaketribe on Facebook for more maker encouragement and support.

Unplugging gives you clarity

Sometimes we need to just step back from our work and appreciate and admire it! When we constantly work and never appreciate we can become critical of ourselves as well as loose focus. For the purpose of clarity, I like to unplug and admire what I’ve already done! This is such a great practice. 

Unplugging gives you opportunity to do something new and exciting

Who doesn’t love a great adventure! Sometimes we just need a little fun in our life. Time to dream. Time to play. Time to just be. Having this balance of work and play really makes us better at our businesses.

How unplugging can make you a better creative on The Higgins Creative Journal. Click the link to read more and join the #waketomaketribe on Facebook for more maker encouragement and support.

Now on to some tips to help you unplug guilt free!

Do a brain dump

Write down all the things that are causing mental clutter and fear behind not being able to unplug.  Sometimes it’s literally all in our head.  For my brain dump, I like to write down ideas that I have that I would like to pursue when I return from unplugging.

Have a plan for your rest

Although this may sound a little counterintuitive it’s important to not only plan for unplug-time, but to also have a plan during unplug time. Make sure you plan ahead. If there are people that you need to inform that you will be away for a time be sure to give them a proper heads up! You can do this via email, social media, texting, and phone call.

After you’ve done this it will then be time to plan to unplug. Do you have an exciting adventure you want to go on? Is there some reading you’d like to catch up on? Do you just want to have some time at the beach?

Whatever unplugging looks like to you do it, and don’t worry about what’s going on with the rest of the world! This is me, giving you permission to just be!

You really won’t be missing out

Trust me on this one. Opportunities that are meant for you will still be there when you get back.  Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing we have to constantly stay before people. While it is important to build relationships and hustle, it’s equally important to demonstrate that you have balance in your life. 

You will work smarter when you return

You will be ready to knock out those deadlines and build new relationships if you have really given yourself the gift of unplugging.  We typically don’t realize how much we really needed the time until we turn refreshed and ready to get our head back in the game!

I hope you found this information helpful! I would love to hear how you unplug.  What is your favorite thing to do when you take time off from work?

Entrice Rowe, a certified Life Coach who enjoys working with families on creating a home life where peace and order flow naturally, wrote the following post. As a busy wife, and mom of 4 kids: a 9 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and 4 year old boy/girl twins, she knows what it’s like to have moments of doubt in this thing called motherhood. Entrice can confidently say that she works hard to help her clients discover an authentic life that is guilt free. You can find helpful tips on personal growth, parenthood, and relationships on Entrice’s blog. You can connect with her more here: Website | Facebook | Instagram.