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We love the creative community. There is so much to learn from a group of people living what we believe is a full life. When we label ourselves creatives, it’s not just because we are artists and makers and designers, but because we are learning to embrace that we are multifaceted people with a lot to offer the world.

Because of this calling that creativity brings up inside of us, we are compelled to share. For this reason, creatives are generally not only willing, but exceptionally excited to share their knowledge and encourage others to live creatively as well.

Gone are the days of hiding and competition and comparison. This generation of Makers is compelling in the way that it loves and accepts and encourages without fear.

If you’re still creating on your own, let us try to convince you why you should knock that off.

Your Brain Is Too Small

It’s not that you’re not smart (promise!), it’s just that the amount of ideas and inspiration and creativity that floats around in the atmosphere is far too vast. Like servers sharing the weight of information, our brains can only do so much at once. When we collaborate, we get double and triple and quadruple the brain space to process information and ideas. Let others, who understand and appreciate your creativity, into your creative mind and watch how you are challenged to grow and stretch.

Your Hands Are Too Tired

Doing “all the things” in this hustle world doesn’t get us very far. Being with others who create and can take the weight of creativity off at times is incredibly encouraging. The most beautiful type of creativity isn’t making everything at once by ourselves, but it is doing the few things that we do well, in collaboration with others who do their things well. And to create with others is probably the most rewarding thing on the face of the earth, so please just try it.

3. Your Heart Needs Them

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to give up on my creative business. So. Many. Times. But then I’ll get a text, or an email. Or I’ll see the struggle of another in our Wake To Make Tribe Facebook group and I reset. My heart gets so full and frustrated that I become paralyzed until someone else breaks me out of it. I wouldn’t have a business if I didn’t first have a tribe.

You're not alone in your creativity, so stop acting like you are. Share your Making with the world and you'll see so much goodness you won't even know how to handle it all.

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