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Zorana of Wanderlust Modern Craft.

Welcome Zorana to the Journal!

Ciao! My name is Zorana. I am textile & clothing designer, maker and founder of Wanderlust Modern Craft, simple and honest line of crafted goods, mommy of 3 years old twin girls, and a heart full of wanderlust.. Currently I create hand painted cotton bags, in small- but mighty series :) And I’m working on my collection of home decor.

How did you get started?

I am the soul behind the products and service of Wanderlust Modern Craft. I am myself madly passionate for craft, well-made products. I love to cherish and reverse them in my hands, I look at them from all sides and analyze, paying attention to the details (crazy habit! But as a maker, it’s hard to be any other way!) I truly believe that the delight of making and using hand-crafted goods can never be a feature of an industrial product and it’s so important to know who makes our products. I am professionally trained to be an industrial designer, in fashion, but that world didn’t suit me. Fashion shows are beautifully gorgeous events but not human at all, too quick and without real sense. I’m more into fair production, slow-working, quality. I strive to grow my business on a route of honest work and creation of modern and simple goods for life & home.
I personally paint every brush stroke of my bags. I am all attached to details and of the doing-things-one-at-a-time philosophy. Each Wanderlust bag is slowly made and lovely packaged with care and time in my home studio.

My journey & calling were probably determined by women-makers running through my family history. Both my grandmothers were seamstresses, and my great-grand-mother was a famous weaver of traditional kilims (one of her hand-crafted rugs adorns our living room). As for me I studied Fashion & Textile Design, and after a break to have my twins, my graduated fashion collection grew into an Etsy store and furthered into my small business.

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What makes you want to create? What keeps you going?:


I listen to music when I work. It makes me calm and makes me think. After my home gets all quiet in the evening, in solitude and with touching music, with warm tea and blanket, I really fall into place, and at the same time my spirit roams in urge to create! Music gives those “wings to the mind and flight to the imagination” as Plato wisely wrote.

With my heart full of wanderlust I am always inspired by wild & free, deep woods & lonely beaches, the road unknown, travel, rhythm of nature. My passion is creation itself- freedom of drawing, sewing, making.. and mistakes that come along the way, I excitedly embrace them! Plus, I am deeply motivated by the genuine creative community of artisans, makers & crafters of the world. The dreamers, believers, enthusiasts in life. Free and happy people that love to live. Wanderers, adventurers, mothers. I enjoy discovering courageous people and their work and struggle, and collaborating with them. I met so many creative minds during my journey that helped, enriched and inspired my work. Connection, encouragement and altruism of today’s world is really moving. Anyhow, my children are who keep me going at the end of the day. I want nothing more.

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What has been the most challenging part of your business?:

Honestly, surviving the overwhelming was the most difficult part. To manage to organize my work and my home obligations, my children, working space and time, was, at times, a real struggle. In my life with twins, my house was constantly changing. As babies grew up their needs changed and our environment was always tailor-made to their development. But I survived :) I simplified our life a lot. I organized a simple yet active and meaningful lifestyle, doing things right and one-at-a-time. As girls grew, we became a pretty good, cheerful team. I remind myself daily that if you cannot do great things, you should do small things in a great way. As mommy of twins, devoted to gentle parenting, I have learned that doing things slowly and quietly, freely, with patience and loving smile, brings piece, balance and light to everyone.

What advice do you have for other, perhaps newer, makers?:

If you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.

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