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Expert Training #2: Onboarding and Client Systems - Jordan Gill

You can find Jordan GIll at

Listen to her podcast Systems Saved Me here:


Discussing: Client’s perspective of the onboarding process as well as a service provider with amazing systems


2:30 - What are some of the main goals when acquiring and then onboarding a client?

4:00 - Onboarding is 100% about setting expectations, gathering

6:00 - Micro-commitments - people will do small things for you faster

6:30 - How do you map out your client onboarding process?

7:00 - Dubsado backend process

15:00 - Taking money over the phone

16:00 - 100% before deliverables

17:00 - What do you look for in a designer?

17:20 - Jordan's Crazy branding story - "Clients think: can I accurately express myself"

26:30 - What is your advice for designers watching this, struggling to book clients?

Client Acquisition Tips:
initial mood boards
upfront about timing/pricing
qualifying q’s “are you comfortable investing in your longterm gain?” “do you have a team?”

27:00 - Curbing who you get on the phone with

31:30 - What are your favorite tools for staying organized throughout the onboarding process?

Tools: dubsado, asana/trello/basecamp, pinterest mood board

33:00 - Final Thoughts: Show your personality

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