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Expert Training #3: Renee Hribar

Download Renee's Sales Map here.

Renee's 3 Points:

1 have a list of questions that inspire a good reaction
exposes the “gap of why”

2 have systems in place so you can book clients -  have document ready to accept a YES right away

3 5-minute follow up call for ALL calls

Lilah's Takeaways:

Have a two-call process
Sending money is an emotional process - don’t let them do it alone
Inspire them to Hire You
Bring up the Elephant in the room
Tell a story of a client in the past with a similar objection
If they’re on the phone with you, they’re definitely interested in working with you, so guide them to the yes
Always add a due date
Tell yourself: "It’s okay to close on the phone."

Follow ups q’s we discuss:

Lilah asked, "where do you create great questions?"
 - why do you need what I have to offer?
 - why is now the time?
 - what do you expect from working with me?

How to format a 5-minute follow up call:

Start by asking questions they say yes to
Cover the details of the quote, avoiding jargon-y words
Set expectations for urnaround time and other details
Establish whatever the next step is on the phone

Renee’s advice for designers: set the expectation of a timeline - design is such big scary world so seeing the specific timeline with understandable words


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