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brand blueprints

We get it, branding is in investment.

Maybe you’re here and you really want to work with us, but you haven’t even tested your idea yet. You know you need help establishing a professional-looking brand, but you don’t even know where to start.

Hold the phone.

There’s a time for personal branding with a coach and fleshing out how you want to show up better online. Click here if you’ve been doing this awhile and you know it’s time to uplevel.

But if you’re just starting out, THE WORST thing you can do is spend a bunch of cash on a brand and a website and an offering you don’t even know if YOU like yet.

Enter, our Brand Blueprints.

We’ve curated an entire library of Brand Blueprints to get you started on building your online, visual brand, so you can jump into your business TODAY.

What’s included:

Access to a fully customizable template in Canva

Suggested & Editable Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, and Icon

Suggested & Editable Color Scheme

Suggested & Editable Typography

Suggested & Editable Mood Board

Space to write your Brand Pillars

Finally get one of those GORGEOUS style guides without spending your kids’ college savings. Choose your favorite below and make the changes via Canva until you have a brand you can run with!

For the Consultant - Brand Blueprint Template

For the Consultant - Brand Blueprint Template

27.00 50.00

When you purchase a Brand Blueprint Template from us, you get a fully functional, customizable style guide to edit to your hearts’ desire!

No more guessing about what visuals you need in your brand, it’s all laid out for you.

Your purchase Includes:

 - Downloadable PDF with instructions for use
- Link to a 10-page Canva Template
 - How-To Edit Video Walkthrough
 - Bonus Page included at the end for establishing your Brand Pillars

 - Access to upgrade to a 1:1 Call with Lilah for an additional $197

Pages included in Blueprint:

Pg. 1: Mini Mood Board & Title Page
Pg 2: Why Brand Guidelines are important
Pg 3: Logo Mock-Up
Pg 4: Primary Logo in 2 colors and usage details
Pg 5: Secondary Logo in 2 colors and usage details
Pg 6: Icon Design in 2-3 colors and usage details
Pg 7: Full mood board with royalty-free images
Pg 8: Color palette, photography palette
Pg 9: Typography and usage details
Pg 10: About the Brand, Pillar definitions and Tagline

Great for coaches, boutiques, or personal branding without all the frills. Keep it simple with black, gray, and white, or change it up by choosing a chartreuse or orange to grip your audience!

Good for: lifestyle and business coaches, content creators, accountants, lawyers, realtors, course creators, wellness.

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