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Tired of wasting time scrolling to track down new clients?

What if they came to you?

I started my business 6 years ago. Six months (and $0 sales) later, I learned a valuable lesson: Clients don't just magically show up on my doorstep.

I realized that I had to go out and find them.

But I didn't want to start knocking on doors, so what could I do to make it so clients could find me?

This is where the magic starts and the equation I've discovered: branding effectively + getting visible + being referable = doorstep clients.

I have people coming to me, inquiring about my work, booking my packages that I've never met. But do you know what they say to me?

"I see you everywhere!"

"So many of my friends have worked with you and I love their brands."

"You're all over my online world!"

Do you want to know something else? Up until now, I've never paid for advertising my branding services.

(Full disclosure, this is something we'll be experimenting with in the next few months.)

But why would I pay a cent for ads before doing everything I could to build an effective brand, get visible, and become referable first?

I hope this training has given you practical, helpful, and actionable steps to take in your own business to get visible, become referable, and build a brand that brings you Unicorn Clients!

If you are ready to make your brand visible and get referred like crazy, our Signature Branding Package is designed to do just that - now with 3 - 1:1 Mentoring Calls to help you get on track and build the right kind of brand structure in your business.

This is a post on knowing if it's time to rebrand as well.

Also, here's a GIF compilation on how it feels to be your own boss.

You're welcome.